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Creating Fitness and Well-Being With the Angels!

Day 1 Fitness and Well being with our angels!

Let us focus on evolving our relationship with our bodies.

We will connect with our angel fitness teams, archangel Raphael and our guardian angels. You may also have some fairies or other guides that would like to help. You can connect with your higher self too. Let's be totally present with this and hold ourselves accountable to live our best life.

I do believe that many of us can bring light to our relationship with our bodies.

Ok, Let's call in our angels to help us to be honest with ourselves about this area of our lives and create a sacred healing space. we can call in specific angel to help with our relationship with our body. Connect with them and ask them to guide you.

Set your intentions-Would you like to be your ideal weight? Increase health and energy? Increase passion and will to live? Release fear of your body? Or hatred of it? Release health or aging fears? Heal a specific body issue?

What do you want to bring in?

A loving and peaceful body relationship?

A trust of your body?

A feeling of safety and happiness within your body?

Being in more in tune with your body. Trusting your intuitive guidance when it comes to your body?

Take time to ask and listen to your body's wisdom. How should I exercise? What foods are good? What activities will add to my well being?

Start to think about a fitness. Make a schedule and a food plan. Slow down.... listen, release toxic patterns of thought! Look at negative body beliefs and programming. You can use EFT(tapping) or breath-work to clear Resistance.

Let's be grounded and centered within our bodies. Let's awaken a loving relationship with our bodies- feel self love or body love pouring through your being.

Release negative memories of trauma, illness or limitation that we have experienced within our body. Ask your angels to assist!

How can we move into a more loving relationship with our body? How can we connect with our angels and receive healing for this?

Day 2 Fitness and Well-being with the Angels

Today we are going to connect with our intuition to make a practical and even joyous food plan and exercise plan for ourselves!

Take a moment to breathe, connect with yourself and practice listening to your intuition about what foods and exercises are good for you. See printable food and exercise calendars.

What exercises are good for me? What lights up your body?

What foods do I need to eat?

Now we are going to bless your plan with positive intentions and ask the angels to assist in clearing all resistance.

We are affirm that it is fun, easy and in alignment.

remember to think outside of the box-

Example of exercises- Walking dancing, yoga, Pilates Thai chi, hiking strengths training, yoga, Thai chi, stretching

Food- Fresh juices, fruits, veggies fruit shakes, water.

Day 3 of Fitness and Well-being with the angels!

Today we will focus on listening to what our body likes. Do you honor your needs and your time? Do you listen to what nurtures your being?

What do you like? Gardening, animals, creativity, parks trees, Thai chi, breath work or certain colors? What do you need more of? Such as relaxation creativity or more take for nature. Does your life/schedule really work for you? Are you grounded and in tune with your needs?

Where do you need to set boundaries?

Do you need to simplify your obligations? What does your inner truth tell you?

How are you spending your time and energy? Are you aligned with yourself, body Mind and spirit?

What do you require to add to your life for more well-being?

Meditation and hypnosis is a great tool.

Here you can stream or download my beach body hypnosis (based on a script from Victoria Gallagher from you might want to substitute your own body weight in there. I use 165 and 20% body fat. default

Listen to my weight loss mediation below based on a script from the book Script Magic by Alan Chips.

Andrea Dombecki

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