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Healing Our Past Life Karma with the Angels

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Healing Our Past Life Karma with the Angels

The angels are here to help us transcend our karma from past lives and live in grace. The violet flame angels specifically work on healing our karma. They use the violet flame and wear violet gowns. The violet flame is a flame of transmutation, it clears all lower energies and restores us to our true state of divine love. These angels are very helpful in healing karma in the physical body, relationships, and emotions. We are eternal souls that have lived a very long time. We have seen this planet through lots of ages! As we evolve part of our job is to heal and neutralize the past as we move into an age of more peace. At this time on our planet there is a lot of karmic healing going on. This is allowing us to move to a higher light frequency. Our bodies store memories of what has happened to us, our ancestry and the planet. I find that each karmic memory that is in need of healing has a negative emotion such as fear, anxiety, guilt, shame attached to it. The angels can help us to learn with more grace. The angels can neutralize our karma and heal it on a spiritual level. We will go through karmic lessons until we completely forgive and embrace our true selves. We can ask the angels to surround us with love and help us through our healing process. The angels can instill us with their angelic grace which can make the process go smoother.

How past life experiences affect us

If you meet someone and feel a lot of emotion you usually have karma with them. Anything that lights you up emotionally is karma related. Pains in our body are a sign that karma needs to be healed and released from our cells. Our body wants to purge this negativity so it can return to its perfect state of light. Karmic trauma is stored in our DNA and when we heal it we actually change ourselves on a DNA level. A lot of us have chosen to come here and assist in healing the planet and chose to dedicate this lifetime to be committed to healing ourselves. Karma healing is a large part of this process- overcoming our fears, forgiving and realizing our true self are all the basic karmic lessons. The angels are here to hold our hands and support us through our healing process. As we heal ourselves the whole world is healed.

Some global karma issues that we are all healing

War has created a lot of fearful karma for humans. Even if we haven't experienced war up close in this life in our not too distant past lives most of us have experienced war. We may have residual trauma caused by the violence that we witnessed. This can cause people to be anxious, fearful and not feel safe in the world. Asking the angels to heal all karma having to do with war now.

In our past lives religion has created lots of guilt and shame within us. Religious leaders from the past had a lot of power. If they told people that they were unholy or sinful we would truly believe them. On a deep level we are still healing this belief. This will affect our self-worth and image.

Calling on the angels to heal all karma having to do with religion now.

Karma having to do with health can work a few different ways. If we have a pain in the body we can be healing residual trauma from that body part in a past life. If you have a pain in your leg, you might have gotten wounded in that area in past life. Also you might have experienced an illness or plague in a past life and that can cause general health fear for you in this life. Headaches and backaches are karma related and usually have to do with be tortured, beaten up or being in an accident in a past life. Asking the angels to lovingly heal all karma having to do with health now.

Karmic issues that affect women. Women are healing from lifetimes of oppression and abuse. A lot of societies in general looked at women as second class citizens. Lots of cultures favored males so women would curse their femininity. So on a deep level women can feel it is not good to be a women. This can affect the ovaries and uterus. We can also look at the oppression of women's magic and healing power. If we look at persecution that took place. Ask the angels to heal all karmic issues with femininity now.

Relationship karma can be family, friendship, coworker or romantic relationship related. If you feel stuck in conflict with someone it is good to do a karma healing. On a mass scale we are evolving towards more peaceful relationships.

Asking the angels to assist in healing all relationship karma in the past, present and future.

There is a lot of karma having to do with money. If we have lived lives of poverty or if we were a nun or monk we might have taken vows of poverty. In a past life we might have been taught that money is sinful, evil, or hard to come by. Asking the angels to heal all karmic issues with money.

If you feel that you relate to any of these issues ask the angels to heal and bless all karmic traumas and restore you back to your perfect state of peace. On a deep level our body, mind and spirit craves its natural state of peace and safety. We are calling this in on a mass scale. We are evolving away from a fear based society. As we move to this new age of peace all are becoming happier and healthier than ever. We are creating heaven on earth.

Anyone can consciously remember past lives.

Many of the new children can easily remember their past lives. I started to be able to see all my past lives with a little practice. Though my stance has change on once whether they are my lives or lives of my ancestry soul group or etheric records on the planet. The more I explore the more I release there is so much more that we don’t truly understand. But I don’t know that explore truths life memories gives us great knowledge of self and the collective trauma and separation. As humans bring challenges but each change is a call for us to God close To God and a higher conscious of reality. All you have to do is sit or lay down in a quiet place. Think of what you would like to do a karma healing on. If you want to do a karmic healing on a relationship for example: I close my eyes, ask the angels to be with me and ask to be shown the karmic issues between the person and myself. It is great to do this if you experiencing conflict with someone and feel stuck. I see the angels surrounding the situation with their healing energy. If you are having trouble seeing the details ask the angels to heal the karmic between you both, you don't necessarily have to see it, you can just have the general intention to heal it. If your issue is with a body part tune into the part and do the same thing. Often I will get visions of trauma to that area and I will ask the violet flame angels to cleanse all memories and hold a healing space for me.

Deep Karma Cleansing Meditation with the Angels

We are in an angelic amethyst karmic healing chamber with the angels. The violet flame angels are surrounding us and projecting violet flame healing energy with their hands. There are healing amethyst jewels all around you. You are laying on a crystal amethyst bed. You tell the angels that you would like a deep karma cleansing. The angels are continuing to project their light and peace to you. They are now healing all of your relationship karma with all people- romantic partners, family, siblings, mother, father, aunts, cousins, friends, boss, coworkers, and clients. All your relationship karma is now healed for the highest good. All agreements lovingly broken and blessed with love. Now the angels are healing and releasing all karma involving guilt, self-punishment, or unworthiness. Next the angels are releasing all karma having to do with the body and health. The angels are releasing all karmic energies and agreements, and now filling our bodies with radiant, cleansing angel light. Now the angels are healing all money karma. They are healing, blessing and forgiving all the lives that we have experienced. Allowing us to lovingly embrace this perfect moment. They are raising our vibration to allow us to forgive all and send love to all. We are in a state of perfect joy and grace! I bless and release all my karma lovingly. Sending a million angels of love and light back to all the lives I have lived. I see the violet flame covering all of my lifetimes and deeply cleansing them for the highest good. I claim complete and total peace in this moment. Thank you angels for this deep and profound healing. I am eternally grateful!

For me karmic healing comes up constantly in my healing sessions. A great way for people to move forward and gain a higher understanding of the challenges that their soul has faced repeatedly.

Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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