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Honoring of Self Alignment

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

As an empath I feel what everyone wants and needs....but I can't always be the one to give it to them. I have to train myself to be discerning, to not react involuntarily. I am highly aware. I am highly compassionate. As I practice self mastery.... navigating this is evolving. I feel the if I am not true to myself I am also dishonoring others. I am encouraging their denial or lack of alignment. I am lying to them when I act like I can be everything for them. This is an old paradigm or martyrdom or self sacrifice that is needless. We live in an abundant universe. We can give from the overflow of self alignment. We must also receive.

We can only be everything for ourselves. Our completeness comes from our inner relationship with God and self. If we are disconnected from that we are searching endlessly in the outer world for fulfillment.

I used to sacrifice my own alignment to fulfill others. Denying my inner truth is becoming more painful. return to self and deep inner listening.

Eventually I let others down anyway. I was just denying the inevitable..... then there was guilt and suffering. Be present with this, nip it in the bud early. Don't lie to yourself or others. I vow to keep doing better with unconditional love, honesty and transparency. If we have resistance to someone it is because we are not in vibrational harmony with them, That is our soul telling us we are in the wrong place with the wrong people.

Listen. Where do you belong? Where is your harmony? What has become inharmonious? How can you navigate that and get back on track? Listen deeply.

Self honoring, self esteem and self respect is on the forefront right now. We are one. We are all aligned in unity. As we honor ourselves we honor all of life.

Andrea Dombecki

Angel Fairy Healing

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