How to Overcome Feeling Powerless

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I gathered some things to do if you feel powerless. Meditation this these topics and dig deeper on the subject.

Ask yourself:

Did someone tell you that you were powerless? Did you believe them? Are you running beliefs of powerlessness? Did a situation in your past make you feel powerlessness? When did you start feeling powerlessness? Did you feel powerless as a child? Did others around you feel powerless? Is powerlessness a learned behavior? What would you do if you felt powerful? Can you start to create new belief systems of the powerful version of you? Did loss make you feel powerless? Does the process of your life make you feel powerless?

How can you return to your natural state being an empowered soul? Ok let's bring our golden power in, higher awareness and all our loving power. Powerlessness is an illusion.

Time to break free.

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