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I am learning new ways to manage energy

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I am learning new ways to manage energy! Are you an emphatic healer? Are you overly sensitive to the needs of others? Do you try to heal everyone? Do you sense everyone's pain? Do you literally hold people in your aura?

I have a new exercise I do where I literally move people out of my space.

I either imagine them in a garden where the universe is watering them or in an angel healing center on the angel realm. I can be an intermediary, feeling and acknowledging their pain then setting the intention to ask for them to receive assistance from the universe. I can hold space for them to have the strength to overcome and the grace to persevere.

People have their own challenges and karma. We can't carry them and do it for them. We must allow them to do their spiritual work. Otherwise we might be ignoring our own path or avoiding our own life challenges.

Use your discernment. What is your place vs. their own responsibility. It is great to help others but be aware of when you are over doing it to the point of burn out or bitterness. Check in with yourself to see if you are respecting and honoring yourself. This includes your feelings and needs. Are you teaching others to respect you? Do you own your energy and time? Do you do things with your eyes open? Say yes only if you really mean it! Look at where you are doing things out of obligation and NOT universal alignment.

Look at your thought systems of pride and nobleness. Do you believe it is good to be a martyr? Were you taught that it is noble? Do you like to be the savior of others? I think we need to be grounded and self aware if we love to "help". I believe we can have it all! We can be centered in caring for ourselves and also care for others in a balanced and grounded way.

Acknowledge that you are a leader. Maybe you are a leader of spirituality, inspiration and empowerment! How can you lead and inspire but not take on or carry others? A balanced leader inspires others to take responsibility. Teaches them tools. Encourage others but allows them to do their own work! A healthy leader takes incredible care for themselves so that they can continue to help others and be a positive example in the world.

Take a deep breath and know that this is all a learning experience! You are learning better ways to do you earth service and have a balanced life. Give yourself a hug!

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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