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Meet the Garden Fairies

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Free class starting called 5 days of Garden Fairies! We are going to take special time to connect with the garden fairies.

We are going to take time to connect with the garden fairies and activate garden magic! We will learn and practice how to listen to the garden fairies. We will take action steps based on what they say. We will also learn about creating healing gardens and co-creating with the plant fairies.

This can be applied to any type of garden or indoor/outdoor plants. Be creative.

Day 1 Meet the Garden Fairies!

Connect with the magical energy of your garden or potential garden now. We are now opening the veil to the garden fairies. We invite them into co-create with us. We are activating fairy garden magic and forgotten wisdom. We have a natural connection to growing things and fairies. We are going to activate it more now.

Connect with your garden guides! you may sense fairies, gnomes, unicorns, elves, dwarfs, flower fairies, or dragons. Who is in your garden? Who would like to come to your garden or build a garden with you? How do they feel? What are their names and what do they look like?

Today we will work on opening the veil to the garden fairies!

We now invite the garden fairies into our life. We would like to work more closely with them. We want to awaken fairy nature healing! We want to open up our connection with the magic energies of nature. We are reawakening ancient wisdom.

Now let’s journey with the garden fairies. Close your eyes and go to your fairy garden! Notice what plants call out to you and what the garden guides are saying. How can you bring aspects of this garden into the physical world? What are your flower and plant totems? How are you destined to work with the plants and flowers?

My totems are pink rose and peppermint. I also love thyme and clematis. I also love growing lilies, snap dragons, nasturtiums and lavender! I have lots of plants that like me but not all! For example I love honeysuckle but I can’t get it to survive in my garden long! I also noticed that parsley and tomatoes don’t grow well for me. Usually the plants that come to you will grow well for you. We are also starting to open communication to the plants and fairies. It is all about listening. We don’t want to tell the plants what to do or what they need. We don’t want to force them to come to our garden and grow. We want to listen to fairy garden planning. Let the plants choose us and tell us how to care for them. We are co creating with nature!

Day 2 Meet the garden fairies! Today we will focus on listening to the garden fairies!

Get out your journal or sit in a garden if you can. Now let’s set the intention to call in the garden fairies and have a meeting. What messages do the garden fairies have? Are they highlighting a plant? Are you getting any visions of messages?

I keep seeing lavender, peppermint, thyme, sage and rosemary. They told me to get my herb garden ready. They also remind me to believe in myself that I can build the garden and activate its energy! They are also showing me gnomes and other garden things. I see a stone gnome and a stone fairy house. I also see garden jewelry.

When I moved from Washington state I had to give away my garden! They were all in pots and I had a lot in the front and back! I asked the fairies to help. I gave them away in a gardening group and to friends who are plant lovers! So I have to gather my garden energy and build again!

Garden fairies, what step can I take right now?

Listen and take action. They might talk about garden planning and garden education.

We are really opening those ear chakras to hear. Notice where or when you can hear the fairies better. Maybe a time of day morning, or weekend. When or where are they louder?

Ask them specific questions like what plants should I get? How can I keep the plants healthy? What do they need? How can I hear the needs of the plants more?

Take time to journal and meditate with the garden fairies! Notice how you receive their messages- as visions, inner knowing or direct instructions! Write down the messages so you don’t forget! Make sure to also take the action steps that they tell you!

They might say got to this store and get this plant or move this plant. Or give this planet this food.

Since my garden is in a seedling phase they have been telling me what other plants to get and garden decorations.

They are also showing me about indoor plants which I am weary of because I haven’t been that good with them before but maybe they can help me more!

Day 3 Creating a Magical Fairy Healing space in your garden.

You can open up fairy portals in your garden! We can do this through intention, prayer and ceremony. We can offer gifts, place fairy homes or doors to invite. You can also place crystals or make a crystal grid.

We can also place gifts of sparkly objects or drinks! All of these things invite the fairies! You can also invite unicorn dragons or gnomes. See who you are connecting with. You are co-creating. I have lots of portals coming through mine! Rainbow fairies. rose quartz fairies unicorns dragons and gnomes! I love everyone! I think I will need a larger garden space eventually.

You can imagine a spiral or pillar of energy in the center of your garden! You are activating the garden as a fairy healing space. The garden has a higher healing vibration.

Day 4 Potion Making and Healing with Flowers and Plants.

Healing water- solarized water. put a glass of water in you garden and let the sunlight fill if with good energy. Ask the garden to also bless it! You can let it out in the garden for a while and then drink it.

Rose water- steep rose petals. Sweet rose or rugosa rose it great for this.

Putting herbs in your water

Herb, flower and crystal grids

Making flower essences and garden potions- first make sure that the plant or flower is not toxic if it is toxic(certain flowers are like foxglove) then just put your bowl or jar next to the flower.

If the flower or herb is non toxic you can put the petals or whole flower right in the water bowl. Or take sprigs of the herb. You can also put crystals around your bowl Free Flower essence making worksheet here

When the potion is ready after 2 hours or so in the sunlight or moon light you can mix with brandy. If you are using it that day you can put it in the bath or put on your crown chakra.

The fairies are helping you open your intuition and gain confidence with this! You will get to the point that you will receive very loud guidance.

Day 5 Journeying and Healing work with the garden fairies!

The garden is a wonderful way to deepen your connection with the fairy kingdom! You can enter a doorway in your garden and visit the fairy realm for healing, rejuvenation, insights and manifesting. Sometimes I travel deeper into the cosmic history of the origin of a plant or flower. Sometimes I will journey with the leprechauns to their realm. Or I will shrink and be very small and enter the fairy realm or the gnomes will take me underground to show me their world!

We can also channel the healing energy of the plants and flowers. For example we can open our crown, hands and heart chakras. Then connect with rose energy or the healing energy of thyme. Trust your intuition with this. This is about using your empathic power to commune with the healing consciousness of the flower and plants. This can also extend to the trees around your garden.

You can get to know the personalities and essences of the plants. They can have a deva essence or spirit. They can also have fairies with them! There can be a family of fairies with one plant or flower.

If a flower or plant is in your garden you probably had a soul agreement to meet! You both orchestrated it! That is why that plant or seed jumped out to you at a store or was gifted to you. It was your destiny to meet them and work with their energy.

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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