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My Sacred Earth Healing Journey

Updated: May 1, 2020

I couldn't sleep last night. I was up to 2ish. I felt calm and connected, like many were doing healing ceremonies on earth and I felt held in peace. All of a sudden it was like I was in two places at once..... I felt like I was in a jungle maybe the Amazon. I was in a medicine circle, there was chanting. I could feel the presence of the sacred plants, ancient trees, a tunnel of energy down to Mother Earth was open- the prayers were going down awakening her to rise up. The totem protectors were with me- a blue butterfly, a jaguar and a black panther. The medicine elders were chanting to say their prayers for the earth and graceful evolution, divine will, higher harmony.. then their focus traveled to the government. I had visions of removing masks and I saw visions of robots(like some people in the governments may not be human, just shells being controlled by secret forces and nothing is as it seems. I saw the law of karma and exposing of the truth being called on by the elders. A calling of higher protection of the innocent) I saw a darkness behind all (sort of like Palpatine in Star Wars) A secret orchestration that can no longer stay unseen by the seers. It wasn't just about the virus. That was just the tipping has been a slow growing exploitation of the people and of the earth. No need to fear as we rise into higher consciousness we are sovereign and protected. I felt the eyes of Gaia opening fully and she is powerful. She was asleep but always watching and observing. She holds truth and accountability, she asks are you supporting life or destroying it? All you are doing you are doing to YOU. We are all interconnected. Are you embodying love or hate? Join your heart and being with her strength, A shame and hypnotic control has enslaved the people. We are programmed that we are less than, that we have to work hard to survive that we are just numbers, vehicles of exploitation. This has mesmerized the people into powerlessness. But we are waking up. We are rising from within, reclaiming the earth and remembering the true spiritual and peaceful power that we possess to create and sustain our world. Prayers to those both seen and unseen who are doing their work to bless earth, the secret shamans and wisdom keepers. I honor you. I tried to explain this as best as I could but my hope is to share the sacred energy of this with all of you. The tribes deep within the jungles, mountains and other hidden places are always doing earth healing work. We can seek them in meditation and we are invited into their world to share in their ceremonies. We are all in this together. 3/20/20

by Andrea Dombecki

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