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Never Stop Being You

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Never stop being you. Its funny how we get so twisted into thinking we have to suppress our true self to fit in, be normal or not rock the boat. This conformism can be very involuntary even unconscious. Let's meditate on where we feel oppressed.

Are you fully allowing yourself to be yourself? What parts of yourself do you feel are wrong?

The world needs you in your honesty and radiance!!!


I now have the courage to fully embody me.

I am now fully allowing my creativity to shine.

I call back all parts of my true self.

I own that my individuality is valued on earth.

I know that I feel my best when I am being myself and living my purpose.

I am a dynamic soul with a unique purpose.

Here are some journaling questions:

What do I love to do?

What do I love to share with the world?

What do I want to create in the world?

When do I feel most balanced?

What is my clothing style?

What is favorite type of car? House? Colors? Pet? Plant? Pattern? Material? Place?

What colors textures and smells do I love?

What foods do I love?

When was I the most happiest? Where was I and what was I doing?

What makes me feel the most energized?

What makes my heart and soul song?

What makes me feel alive?

Where do I want to travel?

What makes me the happiest?

I now vow to live a life that is true to me. I make my joy and alignment a priority.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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