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News Years 2022 Angel Messages and Blessings!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The new year comes with freedom, hope and possibility... but it also can come with regret, fear and we review where we are going and where we have been there are so many emotions.

The angels are here to support us and remind us that this is a time of great evolution on earth. Feel the angels helping you to have a higher perspective.

This is a time of life review. Clear out your mind. Neutralize your grievances and triggers. Get ready to recreate yourself. Call in your angels for lots of loving support! They are always a call away. The angels remind us to be extra loving with ourselves because we have all been through a lot over the past few years. Stay centered in faith and make sure your self care is a priority.

It is beneficial to clear out and rewrite negative beliefs. What beliefs do you want to get rid of? What do you want to replace them with?

Clear out and bless your space. Take inventory of your possessions. Get rid of broken things or things that don't bring you joy. Our physical space is a reflection of our inner world.

Look at your core vibrations and your patterns with compassion. Ask your guardian angels to assist you with self awareness and deep healing. It is time to move forward and raise our vibration.

Get clear about what you really want in your life and what really lights you up. Then call in those frequencies. Take a few minutes to really connect with the magical vibration of your soul joy, love and passion. Visualize the highest and best. Intend to unlock your souls potential.

Look at where your power may be misplaced. Call it back. Archangel Michael is great to help with this.

All of your angels are ready to help you and they love you so much! Feel their presence. I am calling in millions of angels to bless your new year.

The angels say that 2022 is a lighter year. We are letting go of more baggage and moving forward with more joyous purpose and ease.

If you would like more personalized angel guidance and healing for the new year I am offering:

New Years Angel Readings for 2022.

Connect with your angels for new years blessings and guidance! Start your new year with angel guidance and clarity! I will work with my angel team to help you remove blocks and heal all areas of your life as you move into 2022. We can work on anything from healing grief to finding courage to move forward towards your dreams in the new year! The angels always work for our highest good! The angels bring a healing vibration of love that transforms the body, mind and spirit.

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If you would like a private session you can check out Andrea’s offerings here:

If you would like to go deeper check out Angel Fairy Healing school which has a variety of classes on angels, fairies, unicorns, self-help and more.

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