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Summer Fairies

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Welcome to Summer Fairies~

Day 1

Today we will be connecting with the fairies of summer. These fairies encourage us to open our hearts to the magic of summer. Awaken to the nature magic of the summer season. To truly love and appreciate the gifts of summer. What does summer mean to you? Do you have specific childhood memories of summer? The foods of summer? Activities of summer? The feeling of summer. Vacation? Travel?

Let's take a moment to connect with the summer fairies. Notice what they look like. Do they have any messages for you? How do they feel?

These are the fairies that came through for me: Butterfly fairies with bright colored wings that encourage us to open our hearts to new experiences, Green plant fairies helping us connect with nature. Gnomes that help with gardening . Trees inviting us to explore new places. I also feel many flower fairies sharing their medicine with us. I also feel firefly and dragon fly fairies helping us connect with our inner magic and dreamworld. Rose, lavender and mint are some plants that are coming through and the energy of the sun is energizing us. Lots of joy energy is awakening!

Welcome to Summer Fairies Day 2

Today we will be connecting with our summer fairy guides! We will focus on getting to know them better. Take deep breath, close your eyes and focus on connecting with them. You may want to find a quiet place in nature to do this and have your journal with you. Now notice who you see, hear or feel with you. We can see fairies with our minds eye or get memories of times they were with us.

Who are they? Flower fairies? Pixies? Gnomes?Unicorns? Leprechauns? Just allow whoever would like to come through. Do you have child hood memories of them playing with you? Go back in time a notice when these summer fairies were interacting with you.

I felt many flower and plant fairies with me Tiger lilies, queen annes lace, honeysuckle, rose and lavender. I also had a white unicorn with me and I can see them sitting in a flower field with me near my childhood home!

How long have they been with you? Since childhood ? How are they working with you? Do they encourage you to enhance your true talents and soul joys? What messages do they have for you! Have fun with your summer fairy guides today! They are excited to bring more joy and higher consciousnesses into you life!

Summer Fairies Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of Summer Fairies today we will be focusing on our summer fairy animal guides!

Take a deep breath now. Let go of your mind and set the intention to connect with your summer fairy animal guides. Notice which summer animals are coming through for you. Have you been seeing certain animals or insects lately? If so connect with their spirit. What is their message? Your summer fairy animal guides love to connect with you and share their love and messages! They are part of your soul family. These are some that have been coming trough for me and their messages.

Ladybug- Being comfortable in your own skin. Flying your freak flag so to speak- Being you without apologies.

Snail- patience and being in tune with earth.Taking time to enjoy the little magical details of the natural world.

Firefly and dragonfly- Magical inner journeys. Notice magical energies and synchronicities in our life. True nourishment of the spirit through art, dreams dance and other uplifting activities.

Blue jay- Support and abundance. Trust that your future is safe you will be looked after.

Bear, salamander,bee ,monarch butterfly, heron have also been coming up for me!

The fairies are giving you a summer fairy animal guides attunement NOW.

Summer Fairies Day 4

Today we will be focusing on our summer fairy plant and flower guides! Take a deep breath now. Let go of your mind and set the intention to connect with your summer plant and flower guides. Notice which summer fairy plants and flowers would like to connect with you. Have you been seeing certain flowers or herbs lately? Do you eat certain foods every summer? If so connect with their spiritual message. What is their message? Your summer plant and flower guides love to connect with you and share their healing energy! They may help you with emotional and physical wellness. They are your healing guides.These are some that have been coming through for me and their messages.

Mint- Digestion, mental clarity

Echinacea- health and wellness belief systems strengthening immune system.

Queen Annes Lace- Childlike playfulness

Watermelon- A playful energy

Sunflower- Confidence and assertiveness

Tigerlily, Rose, Hollyhock, Lavender, berries, lemon. lime, passionflower. The fairies are giving you a summer plant and flower attunement NOW.

Summer Fairies Day 5! May your summer be fairy blessed~ Today is about really inviting the fairies in to bless our summer and be part of our lives! You may notice bit more magic over the next few months so pay attention! Watch for subtle things and spend sacred time connecting with nature. This can mean more plant and animal interaction or even a fairy meeting! We are lifting the veil to the fairy realm! The fairies are blessing your heart now. Can you feel them? The fairies are also helping you to live with more joy and in the flow of your intuition!

The fairies will be guiding you intuitively towards joyous summer activities:

They may lead you to: New parks vacation spots, Cook certain things Hosting summer gatherings Visiting magical nature places So be open and listen! You can even ask the fairies to give you guidance on how to have a great summer!

Summer Fairy Recipes

Summer Fairy fruit salad- Fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, watermelon, strawberries, blue berries, and cantaloupe.

Fairy Tea- Ice your favorite tea(I Iove peach, peppermint or a green jasmine tea bag or fresh if available) then add fresh mint leaves, you can also float some berry or orange slices in it, or add flower water! (Cortas makes great rose and orange blossom water for cooking - available on amazon)

Thank you for joining me for the Summer Fairies Group Class! I hope that you are feeling the Summer fairy Magic and that your summer is fairy blessed!

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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