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The Unicorns are Helping us to Rise to a Higher Consciousness

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I'm feeling lots of unicorn support helping us to rise to higher consciousness. Have you meditated with the unicorns lately? Take time to connect with your unicorn friends. The unicorns are powerful helpers during this pivotal time in human history. They hold space for the light. They can instantly shift your vibration.

As spirit guides they come to us with powerful comforting energy. They inspire courage, inspire heart healing and inner child healing. You can imagine that they are surrounding or walking by your side! They believe in you and your ability to lead and thrive as a lightworker soul on earth.

Connect with you unicorn guides: Call them in through your intention. They come in all shapes and sizes. Try to sense them and envision them. How do they feel? Can you feel their messages? Are they familiar to you? Feel how you soul trust them? what does you soul and inner child think about them? Get out of your mind and feel.


Dearest Unicorns please surround me with light and peace. I ask you to walk by my side as I evolve in my light. Help me to boost my courage and light as a sensitive soul. Help me to have the courage to expand in light and courage. I am ready to rise up as an awakened soul on earth. Now walk through a rose covered gateway to the unicorn realm. See all of your unicorn soul family there! Feel a heart connection with them. A sense of safety, joy and of coming home! They are so familiar to you! The unicorn realm is filled with peace and beauty. You allow it to wash over you. The unicorns prepare you to receive powerful soul healing and guidance! Relax and receive this beautiful gift. Feel the deep gratitude and kinship that you have for the unicorns. Thank them for reminding you of who you are and of the eternal light that is your birthright. Feel their healing white light surround you. It is tangible and it is strengthening your soul. You are remembering your power and your purpose.

Journal Prompts:

How can I connect with the Unicorns today?

What do the unicorns have to share with me right now?

What do the unicorns have to say about bringing light and magic to my life right now?

How can I allow the Unicorns to bring more healing energy into my aura?

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