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Unicorn Connection

Let's awaken our Unicorn Connection !

Let us take a moment to intend to connect with the unicorn realm! Close your eyes, open your heart and intend to connect with the unicorns.

Who are the unicorns and what is their message?

The unicorns are high dimensional spirit guides. They love to help sensitive people and they love to protect children. They help with heart healing and courage. They flock to those with kind and open hearts.

I find people can have different types of spirit guides. I see unicorns with people all the time. I notice unicorns with children(they love to bless babies as they come into the world). They also help those healing heart issues. Unicorns help us heal through their deep love and kindness. They help children feel safe in the world. The especially help them to feel safe at night and to have good dreams.

How do you connect with unicorns? Close your eyes and think I would like to connect with my unicorns now. Notice how they feel to you. Do you get any visions? Do they have any messages for you?

Who are your unicorn guides? How are they working with you? Do they have names? What color are they? How long have they been with you? Meditate, ask or journal.

You can visualize unicorns encircling you or walking by your side. I get visions of them with flowers in their hair and their hair is different colors. They automatically transport me to higher dimensional healing realms. Envision unicorns helping you connect with their energy.

Unicorns provide deep soul healing to help us to be reminded of our heavenly home in higher consciousness. How can we anchor their love and safe feeling into our human life. How can the unicorns bring more love into our life? As we connect with the unicorns, we invite them to bless our lives with their love and kindness. They are Healing our aura, self esteem and helping us to wake up from the illusion of fear.

Listen to my unicorn podcast and journey through the waterfall to the unicorn kingdom.

Unicorn energy healing

Let us focus on the healing energy of the unicorn kingdom.

Connect with the healing consciousness of the unicorn realm- You can do this just by thinking about unicorns.You can also connect with the different realms of the unicorns or the magical lands of the unicorns-Moon realm, Sun realm, Rainbow Cloud Realm, Celestial stars, rose gardens, aurora borealis, unicorn forest- these places have the healing energies of the unicorn realm. Just close your eyes and travel to these places for healing and rejuvenation.

Color Healing with the Unicorns

You can also connect with the differently colored unicorn healing frequencies such as pink, purple, silver, white, or green.The Unicorns also use a rainbow healing energy.

Channel unicorn healing energy through your being.

You can connect with these energies through your hands. Also imagine that you are channeling these energies. Place your hand on your head or on a pet. You can feel peaceful waves of unicorn energies running through your nervous system.

Have fun exploring unicorn energy healing.

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