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Waking up the innate power of the soul.

Updated: May 1, 2020

Wowza feeling some major power shifting, an unlocking and waking up of the innate power of the soul. Karmic clearing and acceleration, fears are coming up rapidly and dissolving. I feel a blanket of angelic grace over humanity.

The angels say to ride the wave, this started in waves back in 2012 and even 2010, Be present be a witness. Hang in there. Your soul is awakening, we've heard about this for years. Now it's in full force. A blooming of the spirit into the physical collectively....ascension. I feel a rising of my mind rising above limitation that I was born into and entering a greater awareness of my cosmic self.

We have archangelic support with us raising our mind and emotions, helping us to re-pattern our being. We can work with the archangels in their temples of healing for fear clearing, light body activation, intuitive guidance and energy healing. The veil is thin and they are ready to assist. Just set your intention and make a clear request. Archangels I would like help with......

Practical tips to help with your evolution right now: -Refine lifestyle, diet exercise ancients arts like yoga Qigong, breathwork, mantras and prayer -Work with your spirit guides, daily guardian angels, ancestors saints, ascended masters, and goddesses -Be true to your purpose and passion. Align completely -Rely on your intuition. -Be of service in your energy and action. -Dissolve your pain body or the toxic energy that you hold. You can do this through belief healing, forgiveness, empowerment, releasing and clearing, you may use sound healing, energy healing, prayer mantras, movement intention etc

Hope this helps by Andrea Dombecki

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