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Ways to keep your heart open and in the spirit of the holiday!

Help the needy- donate food or time.

Do arts and crafts. you can draw, paint or make some ornaments! Go to the craft store and get ideas.

Baking something fun. make a holiday menu. Bake gingerbread or decorate Christmas cookies. Have fun with food.

Do happy things with family and friends- movies, hiking, ice skating,concerts, games etc.

Watch your favorite holiday movie or listen to your favorite music.

Decorate with lights or fresh flowers, maybe light a candle.

Take time to be centered in love and peace. Bless all of your gatherings. Pray or meditate. Especially if you are going to big events or hosting. This helps you overcome stress or social anxiety

Connect with the sacredness of the season. Meditate with your Angles, fairies, unicorns and spirit animals. Slow down, listen, and connect with nature and the spirit realm. This is also a great time to connect with loved ones on the other side.

The veil is thin and our baggage can come up this time of year. Forgive yourself and all others for past issues. All you have is the now. Anchor in love and peace. You can journal and make a forgiveness, gratitude and blessing list.

-Andrea Dombecki

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