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We cannot resent human society and expect to thrive.

Updated: May 1, 2020

I was out doing some cleanup for the fairies. There are a few areas in my neighborhood that I regularly clean and bless. When I do this I often receive messages from the fairy kingdom.

The fairies gave me an important message about abundance today. They said:

We cannot resent human society and expect to thrive.

We have to learn how to be at peace with it, not let it get to us. Heal it from within. Bloom within it. We must learn to feel joyful and empowered in our lives in spite of it. Have courage to create a better world in spite of it all.

Many of us can get cynical about human society.

I often joke about living off the grid. But really I don't want that. I love supermarkets, movies, malls, running water, art stores, bookstores, etc!!! We must be the change we wish to see! We can compromise and have the best of both. We can start to live in a more sustainable way within society.

I am working deeply with my subconscious to heal my bitterness about being a human.

This started as a child when I was forced to go to schools with mean kids and teachers. I forced to go places where I was uncomfortable. This made me come to conclusions like: humans are mean, earth is harsh, I am not safe in the world, the system is burning me out, I am not free etc. I am ready to upgrade this.

As we evolve more into 5D we realize that we can claim the earth and start more peaceful societies.

We don't have to run from the existing structures or the people who may uphold them. We can lead the positive change that these structures need. We can stand up for ourselves. We can speak up and be part of the change. Step one may be just to pray for the change that is needed then asking what your part is. How can we face this with love? How can we have courage to be a leader of something better for all? How can we teach kindness and integrity? How can we evolve our existence within society? Simple actions taken daily can make a difference. The first step is overcoming our negative beliefs and emotions. Start to ground into intending to create a peaceful life for ourselves and all. Hold your power and know that you are supported and you were born for this.

by Andrea Dombecki

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