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What is a reversal or reverse manifesting?

What is a reversal or reverse manifesting?

When we focus so much on the lack of something that we create more lack. When we have built a momentum around what we don't want that is more powerful than the energy we are giving to what we actually want to create.

Solution? Get rid of your resistance to what you don't want or lack.

Clear any energy such as fear or desperation around your desire.

Connect deeply with all parts of yourself(mind, body, spirit or higher self) and truly choose to align your vibration with the joy of your wish.

If you have negative thoughts just gently clear them.

We want to align with pure joyous intention. Release fear of lack or resistance to your negative reactions. For example you might daydream about your wish and automatically think "I can't have that, that's too good to be true, that would be a miracle or I am not worthy." Just be present and allow those thoughts to play out..... but gently self correct after. You can even list your negative thoughts and rewrite each one or release the emotional charge with EFT or breathwork.

When I am in dire need of manifesting or changing my luck I sometimes lock myself alone for a day.

I go deep within my own consciousness. Scanning my vibrations..... bringing loving energy and sending angels to all fear and darkness. I keep purifying my vibration strengthening the light of my connection to love, luck and happiness. I bring light to the consciousness of all of my issues. I send love and angels all of my desires. I do this until I truly feel it on a deep level. Until I feel emotionally healed and fully aligned with love. Do you feel sure about your manifesting wish? Do you fully commit to wanting it on all levels?

Do you feel worthy, positive, and joyful about manifesting your dreams?

Take a look at manifesting from all angel and dive deep with self awareness.

Andrea Dombecki

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