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Soul Origins Reading

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A Soul Origins reading is a specialized reading tailored to help you gain knowledge about your true soul self. During your reading I will help you get in touch with the deepest parts of your soul, where your soul comes from and who you truly are!

We will explore:

Your realm origins- most people have a mix- Examples are Angel, star being, mermaid, dragon, fairy, elf, leprechuan, unicorn and more

Your soul home and soul energy colors. The nature of your soul energy and vibration.

Your soul talents and purpose. What you have done again and again throughout eons. This helps us to deeply understand ourselves and our true mission.

Your soul totems. These are our soul power symbols that remind us of our soul essence. They can be animals, colors flowers herbs or symbols.

Your souls Karmic themes. Shed light on your deepest lessons and challenges

Discover your sacred soul medicine. The things that invigorate and heal your soul.

The Soul origins reading is specialized reading to help you to be more in touch with your true self, understand and accept who you truly are and what your mission is in the universe.

1 Hour Intuitive Reading is done by Phone or Skype,

After you have purchased a reading Andrea will contact you to set up a time that works for you for you. You can also choose a pre-recorded reading option if you don't have time to be on the phone for your reading- Andrea will address all of the aspects of soul origin during your reading. You can also submit any questions or comments. Andrea will channel the reading and send you an mp3.

After you have purchased an angel reading Andrea will contact you to set up a time that works for you. You can also email Andrea at Please make sure your Paypal email address is the email address that you would like to be contacted at otherwise please send a note letting her know which email address to use. You can also email me directly at

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