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Are you writing a book? Do you dream of making your own oracle deck? I am offering book and project mentoring sessions. I can assist with layout and self-publishing. I am great at getting you motivated and organized!

Do you need a project manager, graphic artist, and/or someone to hold your hand through the process? I am excited to help you! It is my passion!

I offer layout and publishing services. If your content is ready but you don't know how to proceed- No problem! I offer cover design, self-publishing set up, interior book design and more.

I also offer art licensing and commissions! I can make custom graphics for your book or oracle deck. I will work with you to embody your style. Together we will create a magical cover and interior!

I offer this for self-help/spiritual books, children's books, coloring books, workbook, journals and oracle cards! Contact me for a free consultation at

I offer help for all levels whether you just need help getting started or you are well into your project. I can help you get organized and move forward!

Have technical questions? No problem I will walk you through the process and help you to understand the publishing processes. I can explain software and resources that you may need.

I am ready to make your publishing dreams come true!


Andrea Dombecki

You can reach me at

Some of my Projects

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About me

I am passionate about art and design. I am a lifelong artist. I attended art school in NYC and I acquired 2 degrees. My education spanned textile design, graphic art and fine arts. I worked as a graphic illustrator in the fashion industry. I later got into in publishing- designing catalogs and books. I worked as an art director. Eventually I spread my wings into publishing my own art and books! I have over 15 years’ experience in the graphic industry. I worked as an art director. I love to help others to self-publish!

My Clients Projects

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Client Testimonials

Andrea Dombecki really helped me to complete projects and goals. She has integrity and is very honest. When I wanted to procrastinate she helped me to work through it and get back on track. I’ve been working with her for over six months. She has helped me complete 2 oracle card decks and 2 different types of books. Andrea has various experience with different media and social platforms that is very helpful. I find this service to be of great value. We are currently working on the fifth project. I look forward to completing this with her and more in the future.- Laura

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