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Week 1 Connect with the fairies, learn about fairies, ancient fairy lands and your fairy lineage. Learn about different types of fairies, butterfly fairies, flower fairies, plant fairies and other elementals. We will also be learning about gnomes, elves and unicorns. Connect with the magical realms! Share their healing wisdom and nature magic! 

Week 2 Learn how to do fairy readings for yourself and others. Practice fairy communication. Fairies are powerful healers and spirit guides. As we communicate with them they will teach us the secrets of the natural world all around us. They will also help us to perceive things with our heart.

Week 3 Learn how to use powerful fairy energy for healing and manifesting. Fairy Favors, visualizations and healing tools! You will learn how to read fairy past lives and preform fairy soul retrievals. Practice connecting with the high dimensional energies of the fairy realm to bring more magic and love into your world.

Week 4 Learn about being a fairy human ambassador. Find out how your life purpose ties into working hand and hand with the fairy realm. Open your heart to your sacred co-creation with the fairy realm. Bless and activate land. Remember your lives in the fairy realm. Awaken a deep earth healing and heart connection with nature.

Each week you will receive fairy readings, Downloadable mp3's and more fairy goodies! You will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.

This class is only available in the self study version which includes replays of the live class.

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