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Would you like to meet your guardian angels?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Intend to connect with your guardian angels.

Your guardian angels are always with you but are often ignored. They love you deeply and are always here to love and comfort you. They are like family members. Pay attention to them. Set the intention of connecting with them. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. You may want to light a candle or have an angel statue near you. Let go of your mind, with your heart and spirit ask to connect with them.

Take note: What do they look like? Are they male or female? Do they look human or more like they are made of light? What is their height? Eye color? Are they familiar? Can you get a sense of how long they have been with you? What are their names? How do they feel? Do they have any messages for you? What color are they? Notice if you feel like your vibration shifts when you pay attention to them. They are on a higher dimension and when you focus on them you actually shift dimensions.

Mentally tell them: Dearest Guardian angels, it is lovely to meet you. I open my heart and mind to you. I am so happy to develop my relationship with you. Thank you for being my guides in this life. Feel them with your heart. Thank them for their love.

Guardian angels hold the record of your past, present and future. They are all knowing! Guardian angels love to help. They can help you have a higher perspective and be clear about your life path. Give them jobs to do. You can also ask your guardian angels to connect with you through your dreams.

The Energy Healing Techniques of the Guardian Angels

Guardian angels hugs

Visualize and intend that you are hugging your guardian angels. Just relax and feel your sacred connection to them. Notice if their energy feels familiar to you. Breathe and be fully present with their gentle loving energy. Feel it calm your heart and bring you to a state of peace.

Guardian Angel Grounding

Visualize and intend that your guardian angels are helping you to be grounded and present in your body and life! Grounding is important- be present and be fully here. Intend to have your full consciousness in your body.

Guardian Angel Hand holding

Visualize and intend that you are holding hands your guardian angels. Feel your hand chakras connect with their angel energy and feel that comforting angel energy wash through you. Breathe and receive their beautiful love and calmness.

Guardian Angel Life Scroll

Ask your guardian angels to show you the life scroll that they hold for you. It contains a higher knowing of your life purpose. It also holds information on any experience that you would like clarity on. This can help you to see your overall lessons and give you perspective. It also helps you to see your truest destiny or untapped potential.

Guardian Angel Tasks

Ask your guardian angels to help with things. Give them tasks to do. Like to you a job, create extra money, find you friends, or solve any problems. The love to help. Take a moment to ask them to help with certain things that are weighing on you.

Guardian Angel Protection

Ask the guardian angels to surround you with protective light. You can ask them specifically to protect your home, car, loved ones, future, finances, career, health or anything. Ask them to protect situations that seem worrisome or anything that is threatening your peace.

Guardian Angel Bubble-

Ask the guardian angels to surround you with a bubble of their healing light to comfort and uplift you.

Guardian Angel Night Time Blessing-Ask the guardian angels to bless everyone and everything before you go to bed.

Guardian Angel Morning Blessing Ask the guardian angels to bless your entire day and the whole world.

Guardian Angel Protection- Ask the guardian angels to surround you with protective light. You can ask them specifically to protect your home, car, loved ones, future, money career, health or anything.

Guardian Angel Bubble

Ask the guardian angels to surround you with a bubble of their healing light to comfort and uplift you.

Guardian Angel Meditation

Imagine one guardian angel is on each side of you. Imagine that your guardian angels are hugging you and holding you in a healing bubble of light! Hold hands with them. You can also ask them to go before you to make your path smooth. Ask them to do this in the morning before you start the day. The guardian angels love to help and are often forgotten about. They are closer than you think and it is totally alright to let them love and help you. They are your loving life guides. Feel three guardian angels with you-one behind or above you and one on each side. Awaken your heart to feel their presence more than ever before.

by Andrea Dombecki From Angel Light Healer Handbook to be released soon!

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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