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Financial Abundance Angel Energy Healing Tools

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

These are some fun visualizations to help you to get excited about connecting with and receiving wealth. The angels create a safe space for us to receive. If you feel resistance or shame release that. Even when I was writing this first I thought oh that’s too good to be true. Then I thought that’s being greedy, it’s shameful to like money and riches! So it’s important to get neutral otherwise we are in inner conflict. Money is a tool. When we get more neutral to it we can flow with it more happily.

These visualizations are meant to get your abundance energy flowing and to help you become more receptive.

Angel Abundance Money Vault- Imagine this is your soul money. Go to this vault and see endless riches in there. See an abundance of cash, coins and gold bars. You might also see deeds to houses and property. Take whatever you need. Also know that everything you take is instantly replenished. The supply renews itself. Thank the angels and know on the deepest that you are worthy of receiving this nourishment.

Angel Abundance treasure chest- See a beautiful golden treasure chest with cherubs carved into it. When you open it all of the money that you could ever need is it in. Large checks, large piles of cash, receipts for your bills and debts paid in full! You might also see gold, jewels and diamonds.

Angel Abundance ATM card- Imagine now that you have an ATM card with angels on it! This card is connected to your angelic heavenly account with infinite money. Imagine that you are going to the ATM and taking out whatever you need. See yourself putting that money in your home or wallet. You can see yourself buying things with that money or paying bills. You can also imagine giving money to others. If you need more money from the ATM you can go get it! The supply is endless.

Angel Abundance checks- See these checks coming in the mail from the angels. You can also imagine that you are writing them to yourself or your loved ones.

Angelic Heavenly net worth! See your angelic financial spiritual worth. See this as a large number like in the millions. This is how much supply you have for your use. Your spiritual supply of wealth is endless.

Angel Money shower- Open your arms and receive this shower of cash, checks, deeds, prizes, gift cards or whatever represents wealth. Open your heart and get neutral to receiving.

Angel Financial helper team! Ask a team of angels to help you to balance and manage your finances. Assign them to build up your savings accounts and pays off debts. Receive their help with open arms.

Angelic financial blessing energy-

Green energy- This energy creates financial abundance. See this energy surrounding you, your wallet and your bank accounts.

Golden energy- This energy creates wealth and luxury. See this energy filling the space around you with a feeling of wealth and luxury.

Money creator angels. See these angels flying around and creating channels of wealth for you. See them opening new income channels and increasing all account balances. Also see them creating money out of thin air. They can make checks appear and piles of cash. See envelops with money appearing in drawers, the mail, in your bags and pockets.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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