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Unicorn Abundance Tools

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

These are some fun visualizations to help you to get excited about connecting with and receiving wealth. The unicorns create a safe space for us to receive. If you feel resistance or shame release that. Money is a tool. When we get more neutral to it we can flow with it more happily. The unicorns bring a gentle playful healing joy to this subject. It doesn't have to be so serious.

These visualizations are meant to get your abundance energy flowing and to help you become more receptive. The unicorns have gentle healing energy that helps us shift into abundance. There is no shame if you have financial fears or you lack financial confidence. That is exactly what we are here to heal with the help of the unicorns. The unicorns are gentle heart and soul healers. They are holding a healing space for you to shift your consciousness around finances.

Unicorn Abundance Money Vault- Imagine this is your unicorn soul money. Go to this vault and see endless riches in there. See an abundance of cash, coins and gold bars. You might also see deeds to houses and property. Take whatever you need. Also know that everything you take is instantly replenished. The supply renews itself. Thank the unicorns and know that on the deepest that you are worthy of receiving these blessings.

Unicorn Jewels- See the unicorns placing their magic jewels before you. These jewels are abundance blessings.

Unicorn Castle- The unicorns are inviting you to their castle to raise the vibration of your wealth consciousness. The castle is filled with endless abundance!

Unicorn Abundance treasure chest- See a beautiful golden treasure chest with unicorns carved into it. When you open it all of the money that you could ever need is it in. Large checks, large piles of cash, receipts for your bills and debts paid in full! You might also see unicorn shaped gold, jewels and diamonds.

Unicorn Abundance ATM card- Imagine now that you have an ATM card with unicorns on it! See it sparkling with rainbows iridescence! This card is connected to your unicorn account with infinite money. Imagine that you are going to the ATM and taking out whatever you need. See yourself putting that money in your home or wallet. You can see yourself buying things with that money or paying bills. You can also imagine giving money to others. If you need more money from the ATM you can go get it! The supply is endless and the unicorns have blessed it!

Unicorn Abundance checks- See these checks coming in the mail with unicorns on them. You can also imagine that you are writing them to yourself or your loved ones.

Unicorn Heavenly net worth! See your unicorn financial spiritual worth. See this as a large number like in the millions. This is how much supply you have for your use. Your spiritual supply of wealth is endless.

Unicorn Forest of Abundance-walk into this forest and feel the vibration of abundance all around you. There are beautiful flowers, trees, plants, and a feeling of complete safety and abundance. As you walk around this forest the unicorns greet you and remind you that you are sovereign being with good luck. They are raising the vibration of your finances and reminding you that all lack is an illusion. They are helping to heal your emotional body regarding finances.

Unicorn Financial helper team! Ask a team of unicorns to help you to balance and manage your finances. Assign them to build up your savings accounts and pay off debts. Receive their help with open arms. They will bring magical fun to this process.

Unicorn financial blessing energy-

Rainbow energy- This energy creates joy and magic around finances and helps us break out of the matrix of limitation. It brings unicorn money miracles.

White Sparkly energy- This energy creates peace and stability with our finances

Pink Sparkly energy- This energy brings heart and inner child healing around finances, worth and feeling safe on earth.

Golden sparkly energy- helps to bring in financial confidence. Boosts our ability to set an intention and receive. This is great for paying off debts and commanding large amounts of money into our life.

Dancing Money Creator Unicorns. See these unicorns creating channels of wealth for you. See them dancing and opening new income channels and increasing all account balances. Also see them creating money out of thin air with their magical manifesting unicorn dance. They can make checks appear and piles of cash. See envelops with money appearing in drawers, the mail, in your bags and pockets. Open your arms and receive this shower of cash, checks, deeds, prizes, gift cards or whatever represents wealth as the unicorns dance around you. Open your heart and get neutral to receiving. They remind you of how worthy you are of all good things.

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