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Uplift the Energy of Your Finances with Archangel Michael.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We can call in Archangel Michael to work with us to release anything having to do with our finances that may be causing us stress.

He will help us to feel supported in all ways.

Awaken faith in financial stability.

Trust in the infinite supply of the universe.

He reminds us that fear is not real and that we are stable in the peace of God. We have dominion or victory over all outward circumstances. Financial fear is a a big issue in earth life. Archangel Michael is here to help you to overcome this fear and live in more peace.

We can call in Archangel Michael to assist us in releasing debt or any other financial issues that we may be experiencing.

Release patterns of survival fear like:

Feeling like we can't ever get ahead.

Feeling like there is never enough.

Feeling overworked and burnt out.

Let us break these survival patterns now. Archangel Michael can increase our ability to receive the resources that we require and truly thrive. He can do this by helping us to shift our consciousness to a place where solutions are possible and we can receive them. We are now ready for a positive and lasting change in our financial consciousness.

He is helping us to upgrade our financial reality. He can help us live in more harmony with our earth life and rise above old etheric patterns of suffering on earth. It is great to bring light to this so that we can overcome it. Life is supposed to be happy and joyous.....not filled with stress. Archangel Michael helps us to shift to a higher consciousness which is what we are truly seeking. Human "issues" can pull us out of the infinite peace of God which is our normal state.

As we do this work with Archangel Michael we help all of humanity.

We are collectively releasing memories of oppression and suffering. We are ready to heal this now. Archangel Michael wants us to recognize the fear and stress that society holds around money. Has money been stressing you out? Are you afraid of the future? Are you worried about debt and bills? Has money caused stress in your relationships? Archangel Michael is here to tell us that we can rise above these patterns and embrace financial peace. We can choose to create a heavenly financial reality. We can start by prayer and intention. This change is possible if we believe that it is.

Imagine Archangel Michael as a giant angel walking over your finances. If you have debt see him walking over that and really releasing that energy. He is also helping you to have a higher more heavenly perspective of your finances. Make space for solutions and stop letting money stress you out. See him sharing his healing blue light with you and cleansing the energy of your finances. Work with him to set the intentions of unlimited abundance, peace and joy in your finances. May your finances be blessed to multiply and bring blessings to you, your family and the entire world. May your finances be a vehicle of Gods goodness. Feel the infinite well of unending heavenly support. This support is always available to you. Archangel Michael is helping you to rewrite your financial reality right now!

Let go of all financial burdens to Archangel Michael and make a clear request for financial healing now.

Release shame and fear. Know that you are worthy of heavenly assistance in this area. Allow Gods light and peace to shine through. You do not walk through your earth life alone. We are making a clear request to Archangel Michael for assistance in bringing Gods peace to our finances. Touch your heart and truly connect with Archangel Michael. Clearly ask for him to work in this area of your life.

Andrea Dombecki

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