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5 ways to stop living in the struggle vibe.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

5 ways to stop living in the struggle vibe.

1. Look at your belief systems and ancestral programming. Did you learn struggle? Understand this is a learned behavior that you can reprogram. Look at inner dialogue. Rewrite your inner story and beliefs. Life is hard becomes life is good to me for example. Tell a new story about how you always come out on top.

2. Take deep breaths and affirm. Breathwork helps us calm the mind and slow down our thoughts. There are many different yoga and energy healing breathing techniques to choose from.

When we affirm we choose what we think instead of having involuntary or implanted thoughts. Say to yourself things like: Life is good to me. Life is fun and easy.

3. Journal and pray. Journaling helps us organize our thoughts and take a step back from stressful thought storylines that we may be running in our head. Praying helps us to receive help from a higher power and brings time released healing.

4. Set clear intentions for healing and change.

Know that your birthright is peace, joy and abundance. Say no to and deny struggle with your will and intention. Call in luck, ease and happiness NOW!

5. Reset your aura through energy healing. Intend to create a peaceful, colorful aura and fluff it with good vibes. See all of your chakras balanced also. See clouds of stress and struggle dissipating. Feel yourself centered, aligned and grounded in good vibes.

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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