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Our Spiritual Gifts are Unlocking the New Earth

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Have you felt that your spiritual gifts can be a puzzle that you never really figure out?

Maybe they feel like a language that you don't fully understand. Or maybe they have become a shameful burden...because they make you different.. even alienated you from others.

It is time to understand and love our spiritual gifts more. This includes loving our lightworker self. Whether you are a psychic empath, shamanic channeler, clairvoyant, astral channeler....... The more we embrace and love our gifts the more they bloom for us and show us the keys to our evolution.

What are your lightworker gifts?

Why does your soul have them? How do they encompass our life destiny? Can you embrace, love and even master your gifts?

This is the New Earth. The New Earth is a new consciousness that we are seeing unfold on the planet and with it comes a giant paradigm shift that is good for us all. We will see a peaceful evolution of humans systems and more love unity and harmony.

Our gifts are helping with human evolution.

Wisdom keepers, medicine people and leaders of new consciousness..... It is time to get out of the spiritual closet. Allow your full self to be unleashed. Allow the map of your destiny to unfold through your spiritual gifts.

Your gifts give you access to understanding the multidimensional nature of reality and access to infinite wisdom.

Join me on a journey to discover, unlock and unfold the beautiful potential of your lightworker gifts.

Is time to fully accept the whole you and be more comfortable in your skin. Let's embody being courageous leaders of the new earth consciousness. It is time to love you gifts in feel safe to be who you really are.

6 Week Embracing Your Lightworker Gifts Starts September 28th! Registration closes September 26th.

Find more below:

This is the outline for the 6 weeks. This will be organic and free flowing. I am holding space for all who attend. You can choose to actively participate as much as you like or just listen to the replays. All classes will be recorded.

Here is a class outline:

Week 1 September 28th Embracing your gifts and your lightworker self. Live Zoom. Exploring the gifts that we have and identifying them. Most of us have a variety of spiritual gifts and some are stronger than others. When embrace our spiritual gifts we have a greater understanding of ourselves as a humans and lightworkers. Exploring our soul origins. Journeying back to Ancient lands where we thrived within our gifts such as Lemuria Atlantis. Resistance and blocks to gifts. Live Zoom. Past lives(releasing persecution and suffering karma around our gifts). Activating light body- including our merkaba and higher chakras. Embracing our energetic makeup and understanding how to balance and align our being. Understanding the ascension process.

Week 2 October 5th Empathic healing and reading. Live Zoom. Frequency channeling and energy impulse communication. Types of empaths- earth empaths. Cosmic empaths. Medical empaths. Etc Understanding the empath language and how to be more at peace with how our being reads energy. Energy Healing- Energetic channelor and conductors holding space for healing. Reiki. Star being guides.

Week 3 October 12th Channeling and clairvoyance- Live Zoom. Receiving messages from higher beings and deceased loved ones. Receive higher knowledge to help our earth life and share with others. Visions of future, vision of solutions. Artistic and healing visions. Health visions. Etc.

Week 4 October 19th Astral Travel- Live Zoom. Traveling to other realms including past lives, parallel lives and future lives. Journeying and Shamanism. Navigating the astral plane. Journeying to healing temples. Angelic realms. Animal communication.

Week 5 October 26th Exploring our sacred connection with animals, plants and Mother Earth. Live Zoom Connecting with the animal kingdom for healing and wisdom. Mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns. Native America past lives and healing guides. Plant and earth medicine. Understanding our connection with herbs, flower, trees, and land. Sacred space. Mother earth communication. Fairies.

Week 6 November 2nd Looking at our childhood and then greater future journey as a lightworker. Live Zoom. Understanding our hero's journey. Healer soul retrieval. Clearing vows of poverty and suffering. Clearing negative healer beliefs like martyr, outcast, wounded healer etc. Understanding your greater purpose. Integrating your gifts and accepting ourselves. Clarity about how and why you have these gifts and how to move forward confidently. It is time to celebrate your spiritual gifts and thrive! We are ushering in the new earth consciousness!

By Andrea Dombecki

Andrea Dombecki is an angel channelor with over 15 years of experience. She loves to do private angel healing sessions with people and also facilitate angel classes online and in person.

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