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Caring for Your Angelic Empath Self

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Angelic Empath Souls need a lot of love and gentleness.

Angelic Souls are very sensitive and loving helper personalities! Empaths are those that feel deeply and pick up on feelings. Someone who is an Angelic Empath has all of these qualities!

An Angelic Empath is something I can deeply relate to. It is a type of person I have also seen come up in my client work. Angelic Empaths often feel pushed around on earth and uncomfortable! Angelic Empaths are usually drawn to caring fields such as healer, teacher, nurse, counselor etc. They are highly compassionate and have a deep desire to love and heal the others.

I have put together list of how to understand and care for your angelic empath self.

-Stay connected to a higher power and/or your higher self. This also includes the higher vibe astral planes. -Create a beautiful safe environment that nurtures you. This might mean art, music, colors, plants and things that nurture your body mind and spirit. -Have a trusted inner circle. Make sure your close relationships are with others that are kindred and compatible. Animals are great too. -Schedule creativity meditation yoga and other therapeutic things that light you up. -Learn healing. Energy healing, reiki, qigong, thai chi, quantum healing, psychic healing. These are great tools to help you understand your energy system and how to balance yourself. -Go to places that are a vibrational match... jobs, community centers, spiritual groups, healing centers, churches etc. places that make you feel good. Trust your inner knowing. -Acknowledge the places that balance your being. Could be a lake, ocean, zoo, or garden. Pay attention to places that make you feel good and balanced. That could even be stores or other favorite place that makes you feel aligned and happy. -Angelic Empaths can long for the higher realms that why it is important to do things that make them feel at home on earth. -Listen to the needs of your heart. Trust your inner compass. Take time to listen to your inner knowing. -Being overcome with the harshness of earth society or harsh human personalities can be an issue so learn how to be assertive, set boundaries and hold your space is important. Know that you are loved and supported. Being an Angelic Empath is a gift. Know thy self and call on your angel guides to help support you.

Angel Prayer for Angelic Empaths

May the angels bless and comfort you. Help you to balance your gentleness with confidence and empowerment. May you find your unique perfect place on earth May you be around people that love you and that you love. May you feel safe and thriving! May you express your beauty and creativity freely and know that you are a gift to this world.

Andrea Dombecki is an angel healer, fairy intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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