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The Elven Kingdom is Calling

A few years ago the Elves came to me! They wanted to share their wisdom and higher consciousness. These elves were human size with pointy ears and they seemed more evolved then humans. They seemed to work closely with nature and the stars. They seemed to have evolved consciousness and DNA. Just interacting with them I felt elevated. I loved working with them as spiritual guides. As a clairvoyant channel stuff like that is normal. I regularly get visited by mermaids, angels, unicorns, trees, fairies and more....especially in nature areas! I now understand it is because I am to be a bridge helping others to connect with these beings to receive their magical wisdom and healing.

I used to live in the Pacific Northwest, USA in Washington State. A place renowned for its beautiful old growth forests and waterfalls. I would regularly visit giant beautiful old growth trees..... I would see face sin the bark and they embodied powerful healing energy. I used to live right up the street from one of these beautiful forests and that's where it all began. The more lived in that area the more I bonded with that forest and It felt very special to me. I would lead fairy walks through it and it was a place that I would regularly channel fairy wisdom.

One night I was awakened by a vivid vision of elves marching out of it! These elves were human size....very regal and magic looking. They radiated a sense of a brighter and almost ascended presence.

The elves were coming to me with a specific purpose. I saw them vividly in my minds eye.

They were marching out of the forest on a mission. There was like a procession of them marching- they had a purpose to do earth healing and protecting nature.

The elves reach out to me and addressed me. They knew I could sense them. They existed on a higher parallel dimension. The Elves handed me a book of healing. I had the feeling that I would share it with the world at the right time. I saw healer elves, wizards, priestesses and more. They all felt so magical and wise. They wanted to connect with people. To help people connect with their nature wisdom. It felt wonderful like they knew more than humans did about nature, earth magick, our purpose, our aura and our ability to live more in balance as a physical being! I was excited to connect with them and I knew that I would eventually teach a class on them to help others connect. This May is the time!

Elven Light Medicine- May 2024

Connect with the Elven Kingdom! These high dimensional spiritual guides help us to live more in harmony with earth. They awaken plant, tree, crystal, water and light magic that has been asleep.

They have been visiting me for year and wanted to connect with others and share their healing knowledge and friendship.

Elven Light Medicine Class Only

Elven Light Medicine Class and reading package

Andrea Dombecki. Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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