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Ways to Get Out of a Monday Funk

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Ways to get out of a Monday funk.

We have all been there! Back to Monday and back to reality! Work, bills, the real world, pressure responsibility..........adulting. The weekend is over. But no worries. Can't we just choose to flow joyously with our Mondays? Here is a Monday tool kit with lots of inspiration to make your Monday and your week more joyous.

Add joy to your morning routine. Put on music and dance. Smile and sing. Is it really that bad?

Get outside. Get fresh air and sunshine. Garden. Look at nature's beauty. Take a walk outside. Take deep breathes and be present.

Clean and decorate. Love your space. Arrange little areas. Organize your stuff. Appreciate your home and possessions. Celebration your magical home and things.

Bless your work week. Feel and imagine success and happiness. See yourself in the flow of life's magic. See your goals easily met and feel a magic flowing. You are one with all.

Adorn your being. Take a bath. Put on some perfume and your favorite clothes and shoes. Do some yoga.

Send love to your body. Think about your favorite colors and items. Include them in your wardrobe. Feel into your personal style.

Take deep breathes. Visualize yourself breathing in healing light and breathing out all stress and negativity. Breath helps us to change our mind set fast. Oxygen to the brain helps us to be calm and present.

Move your body in fun ways. Moving your body helps you to clear funky energy and reset your thoughts. Take a break from work and walk in nature.

Listen to something motivational. A meditation or audio book. I love success hypnosis recordings personally.

Make a list of positive plans, goals and wishes. Send joy to them. What are you calling in? Really think about how you want your life to flow. What lights up your being?

Look at core beliefs and uplift them. Consciously shift to a positive mindset. Take time to pray and rewrite your worries.

Envision the highest and best. Send ways of positive energy out to the universe.You are attracting with your vibe.

Say affirmations. I have good luck. I am abundant. I am blessed. Life is good to me.

Have a blessed Monday and blessed week. Hugs.

Andrea Dombecki is an angel healer, fairy intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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