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Why I Started Doing Healing Work With The Angels

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Would you like to know how I started to do healing work with the angels?

I felt so drawn to angels ever since the first moment I read about how to work with them as spirit guides. They made me feel safe. The angels felt so familiar to me like I was coming home. I never felt at home on earth. I came from a broken home. I felt wounded emotionally. The angels showed the healing that my soul called for. I grew up in a spiritually open minded home. I learned energy healing as a teen. There were Louise Hay books and psychic healing books on the shelves in my house so I grew up with somewhat of a metaphysical understanding.

As a child I feared the astral realm. I was a scared of the dark. I would have scary visions. I didn’t completely understand my ability to work with spirit. I had mediumship abilities. I would travel involuntarily to astral realms and see through to the astral realms. I was highly energetically sensitive also. I would pick up energy everywhere and spirits would follow me. My mom used to call me the spirit catcher. I didn't understand how to manage my energy system. I would leave my body so much! As a teen I had physical challenges. I was home schooled or I just didn’t go to school for half of high school. During that time I read every healing book in the house. My parents had a lot of them. Books on qigong, psychic healing, healing touch, creative visualization, meditation and shamanism. This furthered my healing path and the exploration of the power of the mind, holistic healing and more. Luckily my parents were pretty open minded. They would take me to healers and teach me psychic tools. Yet, I didn't feel like I came home to myself and my abilities until I started working with the angels.

Finally in my early 20's I found my first angel book which gave me a huge attunement to the angelic realm. I felt safe with them like they were my soul family! I felt so much unconditional love and working angels just felt right to me. I developed my relationship with them to help increase my healing and intuition. I took more angel classes. I practiced a lot. It felt too good to be true. I had guardian angels that could help me. I could be protected by powerful archangels that could also teach me how to click into higher astral realms. I noticed that angels were great teachers. I loved listening to their messages. They helped me to rise above fear and helped with intuitive problem solving. Coming from a fearful home with addiction in my ancestral line the world didn't feel safe to me. I had low self-esteem and didn't feel at home in societal institutions. I experienced a lot chaos at a young age. But I also knew there was more for me! More magic, love, healing and heaven on earth!

My healer path started by me learning how to heal myself and communicate with the angels. Then I was drawn to hold space for others to do this! This was not easy. I was deeply into learning angel healing and energy healing at age 25. I received a lot of criticism for being so spiritual. I was not like the other young adults that I knew. I spent my weekends in psychic healing classes and reiki classes. I couldn’t get enough. An inner compass was guiding me. Fast forward to age 30 and I held my first angel class! I understood that I was a crystal, indigo or rainbow child. That I had come to the earth as a little different that other humans. I was more spiritual, more love centered and I had awakened spiritual gifts. I had a deep hunger to help evolve the consciousness of the planet and to empower people within their own healing gifts. On a soul level I felt a deep global mission besides my personal life mission. I did more local classes. I started an angel podcast.(Angel Life Makeover). I wrote a lot about angels. Then I started doing my classes online. I loved channeling angels and holding space for others..

Archangel Michael helped me feel safe on the psychic realm. My guardian angels would give me advice on how to manage my physical and psychic issues. Archangel Raphael would give me healing visualizations and I would travel to his healing temples. The angels helped me in very practical ways to increase my luck and problem solve in my life. They helped me connect with my natural healing abilities. The angels helped me open to endless miracles and click into a higher consciousness.

I didn’t trust everyone in the metaphysical arena. I was drawn to healers that worked with angels. I discerned what energy and realms I wanted to work with and trust as a healer. Throughout the years I have been inspired to help others to work with the angels and heal themselves! I am deeply passionate about this subject and it is definitely my soul calling. Through years of session work with others I have learned soo much about working with angels for healing and evolution. Now in my 40's I am so much more comfortable in my skin as a spiritual healer and psychic.

My dream is to hold a longer class for deep healing and change with the angels. During this time I will share what I know and attune others to deeper levels of angelic healing. I believe that this will bless the rest of their lives. I am excited to offer a 3 month self healing class with the angels! During this time we will regularly listen, heal and attune to the angelic realm! Why? To better our lives. To help us uncover heaven on earth, reach our potential and claim the true well-being and peace that is our birthright as a soul in this universe. During this time we will learn and practice ways to work with the angels. We will also do deep inner work regarding forgiveness, personal empowerment, shedding light soul challenges, understanding our karmic lessons, auric healing and more!

I am inviting a special soul family group to join this sacred angel class with me.

Together we will spend time with our angels to receive healing and guidance. This class is focused on deep self healing with the angel realm. I have created a 12 week self-angel healing protocol for a us to follow. A soul healing map of sorts. I am excited to share it with all of you. During this time we will commit to our self healing and evolution. We will dive deep into understanding ourselves and how to help ourselves gracefully evolve. We will bring light to areas of darkness. We will take time to heal and be with our angels.

The Angel Life Makeover Self Healing Intensive Dive deep with Andrea and the angels for 12 weeks of inner work and group energy healing!

10 live Zoom classes. 15+ audios with meditations, guided energy healing, lectures and more!

Andrea Dombecki is an angel healer, fairy intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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