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Angel Financial Mastery Intensive Self Study Course

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Work with the Angels to deeply Make peace with money and release suffering around money.

Class Includes:

*Total 4.5 hours of live class recordings split in 3 parts. You will receive a pdf with the links to watch the streaming replays and you will also receive the downloadable mp3 versions.

*An Angel Financial Mastery booklet

Part 1- True Abundance. Working with Archangel Ariel and Jophiel to awaken the heaven on earth abundance consciousness. Financial Life review. Facing our financial fears, goals, wishes and feelings with angelic support. Learning the true consciousness of Abundance as our birthright. Exploring deep spiritual concepts having to do with material supply. Angel Energy healing to download universal abundance consciousness and true peace.

Part 2 Clearing Blocks and negative energy around money. Clearing deep fears with Archangel Michael Clearing the energy of Debts and financial stresses. Bringing healing to financial phobias and energy thought forms of fear and guilt. Exploring and healing deep limiting financial fears about the future. Clearing Ancestral blocks, vows of poverty and any other collective blocks that come up for the class group. Angel energy healing for all financial blocks.

Part 3- Angel Financial Mastery Tools with Archangel Arial and Archangel Michael! Bless your whole financial future and angel program it with positive energy! Explore, practice and enjoy financial mastery techniques with the angels. Bring more love, peace and empowerment into this area of your life!

If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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