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Angel Soul Retrieval Group Class

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Angel Soul Retrieval Group Class

Join us for a group angel soul retrieval journey and healing. Andrea will work with the angels of soul retrieval to help us to retrieve our full soul power. Through trauma and fear on earth our soul can fragment. This means that our full joy energy and presence is not available to us. The angels will create a healing space for you to gracefully integrate into your full soul light!

Souls can fragment from:

Childhood trauma

Loss of a loved one


Past life trauma

Feeling unfulfilled

Fear or negative programming

Journey to your soul home in heaven and connect with your soul origin. Discover what your soul wishes to accomplish in this life. Discover the earth challenges and past lives that have fragmented your soul power. Identify your soul power symbols. Anchor your soul heart energy into earth and open the door for your soul home to be created on earth. Attract your soul vibe energy.

This class is a recorded class. You will receive a link to download audio recording. Class is 45 minutes long

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