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Brigid and the Celtic Fairies

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Brigid and the Celtic Fairies!!!

Connect with the Goddess Brigid and her Celtic Fairy Guides. Explore their world and receive powerful Celtic fairy activations. Celtic fairies are a powerful fairy lineage. Connect with their energies. Activate their plant and tree magic. Journey to their magical forests, and ancient lands.

Connect with the wisdoms and activations of the Goddess Brigid as she shares her mystical connection with fairies and nature. Also helps with passion and purpose. Especially fairy nature purpose.

Come home to your fairy self!

1 hour + of class recordings. Spilt into 3 parts. Includes lectures, attunements and meditations.

You will receive links to download the audio versions of the class parts. You will also receive a pdf with links to stream the private vide version of the class parts on Youtube.

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