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Fairy Life Makeover 5 Week Intensive

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During this self-healing with the fairies program work with the higher dimensional heavenly joy of the fairy realm to raise the vibration of your life. Increase your magical happiness and get more in tune with yourself, nature, other people, and animals on a deeper level! I would like to share this with all of you in the form of a 5 week self study journey

Each subject will include a pre-recorded 1 hour interactive fairy healing lecture and meditation with deep healing on the subject.You will also receive mini mp3's meditations and recordings having to do with each week's subject.

Part 1 Health and Well-being. Awaken joyous body harmony. Explore aspects of well being- earth connection, your life force and passion to live. Feeling safe and part of a loving community on earth. We will also being working with the fairy healers to clear your aura and help you harmonize your natural body rhythms. Explore your fairy lineage and DNA. Are you from the ancient fairy lands? Understand your body, mind, spirit on a deeper level. Embrace feeling more comfortable in your body. Learn from the fairies and awaken fairy body consciousness.

Part 2 Life Purpose/Career- Gain clarity, confidence and passion regarding your life purpose. Bring in positive momentum to fulfill your truest dreams and trust your path. Explore how the fairies work in your career and life purpose also work with them to bring more magical harmony and abundance.

Part 3 Home, Community and Earth Connection. We will work deeply with the fairies to bring positive energy to our environment. Awaken magical fairy intuition with regard to your home and bring more harmony and joy into it. We will also work with the fairies one manifesting things for your home or even manifesting a new home if need be.

Part 4 Relationships- Bring positive energy into family, work and romantic relationships. Bring heart center oneness unconditional love service and unity. Awaken fairy relationship consciousness being more in heart harmony and unity with those around you.

Part 5 Life and future blessing- Work with the fairies to awaken your happy earth kingdom as the fairies will work with us and also out ancestral lineage to re-pattern energetically our existence to be more align with joy and happiness. We will also work deeply on manifesting with the fairies! get your magical groove on! Your life is a gift!

Come and join the fairy fun!

5- 1 hour classes mp3 classes

6 worksheets

10 meditations(average 10 minutes)- Fairy Guides, Fairy Embodiment, Fairy Home manifesting, Soul Talent Energies, Lifting the veil to the Fairy realm and more!

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