Fairy Life Purpose Reading and Activation 3 Session Package

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Fairy Life Purpose Reading and Activation Session x 3

Do you feel connected to the fairies and do you feel that fairies are connected to your soul purpose?

During this reading and activation we will work specifically with the fairies to get clarity on how your life purpose and soul passion ties into fairy subjects. Subjects such as:

Herbalism, energetic healing, shamanic work, earth healing, and teaching children.

Communicating with animals, plants and flowers.

Expressing creativity through art, music, building, designing and more.

We will work with the fairies to unlock these soul energies and give you more clarity and freedom to soar.

During the session we will connect with your fairy guides and attune you to them more. I will channel energetic downloads for the awakening of your purpose and passion.

Many of us deny our true calling because we think it is silly in some way. We don’t value the importance of our fairy mission! Now more than ever it is important for us to embody our divine blue print and live the lives that we came to earth to live! Fairy souls work deeply with the fairy realm to co-create higher consciousness on earth through nature awareness, creativity, energy healing, intuitive awakening and more!!!! This is a very exciting time. I created this session to help you on your journey as a fairy soul who has come here to be an intermediary. It is time to unleash your fairy soul on earth and live in wholeness with the joy of your spirit!

This is a specialized session offered in June 2021 it may only be available for a limited time and quantity.

Three Session package of 1 Hour Intuitive Fairy Reading is done by Phone or Zoom.

You can also choose an mp3 recording option where you can send 10 questions to receive on your fairy life purpose. I will record my answers and send you a link to stream it or download.

After you have purchased an angel reading Andrea will contact you to set up a time that works for you. You can also email Andrea at andreadombecki@gmail.com Please make sure your Paypal email address is the email address that you would like to be contacted at otherwise please send a note letting her know which email address to use. You can also email me directly at andreadombecki@gmail.com

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