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Flower Fairy Queens Class Series

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I am excited to present the Flower Fairy Queen Series. You are invited to join me on a flower fairy queen adventure!
This was a four week class and we will be connecting with four different flower fairy queens.

Listen to the class recording at your own pace. In each class recording we met a new flower fairy queen. These are powerful fairy leaders that carry powerful floral energy medicine. Receive evolutionary downloads from the Flower fairy queens! Dive deeply into your connection with the flower fairy queens through attunements, channeling and guided journeys! They are waiting to connect with you! Flower fairy queens are a sacred fairy lineage that many of us feel connected to!

4 audio class recordings- mp3 downloads. You will also receive the links to watch the Zoom version. The links are in a quick link pdf and also the longer class pdf booklet (24 pages) with all of the flower visuals.

You will receive links to download after purchase.

Week 1- Pink Rose Fairy Queen. Meet the Pink rose fairy queen. Enter her realm and meet her royal court. The pink flower fairy queens explores heart healing, kind leadership, forgiveness, inner child healing, self love, divine feminine energies and more! She will attune us to her pink rose energy healing frequencies.

Week 2- Sunflower Fairy Queen. Meet the Sunflower Fairy Queen. Enter her realm and meet her royal court.

The Sunflower queen helps us with personal power, success, confidence leadership, and bringing your dreams into reality. She helps us to balances inner masculine/feminine balance, use our power with integrity, and make friends with your personal power. She will attune us to her Sunflower energy healing frequencies.

Week 3 Passion Flower Fairy Queen. Meet the Passion flower Fairy Queen. Enter her realm and meet her royal court.

The Passionflower queen helps us with our spiritual gifts, channeling, connecting with the a higher power, Oneness, Christ connection and holy mysteries. She will attune us to her passionflower energy healing frequencies.

Week 4 Tiger Lily Fairy Queen. Meet the Tiger Lily Fairy Queen. Enter her realm and meet her royal court.

The Tigerlily queen helps us connect with our inner warrior, our assertiveness, facing fears and balancing light and dark with. She guides us to face our inner truth and embrace self-respect. She will attune us to her tiger lily energy healing frequencies.

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