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Hope, Faith and Charity Angel Class

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New Angel Class!!! record February 2024

Archangels Hope, Faith and Charity. Get to know these female archangels and receive healing downloads and ascension upgrades! As we anchor in the high dimensional energy that these angels have to offer we receive light body upgrades and deep healing shifts within our being.

Connect with the high dimensional energy of the Female archangels: Hope, Faith and Charity. Get to know these angels as powerful allies of the evolution of the heart and soul.

Lecture, meditation, energy attunements and exercises to help us to connect with these magical female archangels that have been coming thought to assist humanity at this time.

This will be available to all Mystic temple members and also for sale to the public.

Class replay is 54 minute long recording

Receive link to download audio version of class and also a pdf workshop with a link to the private YouTube streaming video replay.

Buy this class separately it is also part of the Mystic Temple Membership

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