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Leprechaun Healer Course

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Leprechaun Healer Course!

Recorded- March 1st - 17th, 2024

The Leprechauns are coming through with powerful support for manifesting, ascension and personal empowerment!

4 hours total

Part 1 Connecting with the Leprechaun kingdom and your Leprechaun guides. Leprechaun lineages. Learn about the different types of Leprechauns and how Leprechauns can work with you.

Part 2 Leprechaun communication- Channel Leprechaun wisdom and co-create with the Leprechauns. Receive guidance for healing, abundance, and earth harmony. Access the Leprechaun wisdom libraries of ancient knowledge.

Part 3 Leprechaun energy healing, Manifesting, land healing and Journeying.

Part 4 Leprechauns and the 5 d earth. Leadership and ascension. How the Leprechauns are working with humanity.

PDF Class booklet.

Bonus- Visiting the Leprechauns Journey mp3.

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