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Manifesting with the Angels

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Manifesting with the Angels live Event!

Class replay 1.5 hours- comes as private YouTube link and audio download version.

11 page PDF Manifesting with the Angels booklet included.

Abundance and manifestation celebration with the angels!

Learn and practice manifestation tools with our angels!

Scripting. Intention. intuition. Empathy. Radiating. Visualizing and more! These are the forgotten tools of human mastery that we must understand and practice!

Meet the Abundance angels that will be working with us during class:

Rainbow angels of abundance- help to awaken creative possibilities

Golden Angels-These angels will help us to pave Gold path of abundant future manifestation!

Archangel Michael- the law of dominion and divine potential!

Archangel Ariel holy truth of divine abundance, support and possibility.

Archangel Jophiel- Manifesting attunement! heavenly thoughts and powerful will with our vison in our 3rd eye center.

Group manifestation attunements, exercises, tools and more!

Let's manifest abundance together with our angels! This is part of self-mastery at this time of human evolution.

Get your manifesting groove on with your angels!

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