Mermaid Healer Course

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Mermaid Healer Course!

Class replay is 3.5 hours long split up into 3 parts. You will receive an audio only downloadable version and a streaming video YouTube private link version(with visuals)

Week 1 Group Mermaids attunements and journeying. Meeting the mermaid guides. Enter the ocean realms and attunement to the frequencies (whales and dolphins) Connect with sea creature guides. Travel to mermaid kingdoms attune and to their healing frequencies. Guided Mermaid attunement. Whale and Dolphin energy healing. Opening the veil to the realm of the Mermaids and their magical ocean friends!

Week 2- Mermaid energy healing codes and symbols, connecting with ancient lands and teachings. Lemuria Atlantis. Journey to crystal caves of attunement. Heart and voice healing. Chakra light body alignment. Activate Mermaid higher consciousness relationships 5th Dimensional community, twin flames. Environmental and relationship harmony and more.

Week 3 Connect with specialized mermaid guides such as King Triton, Mermaid Goddess and Mermaids healers and more. Connect with the magical ocean creatures such as the selkie and water dragons. Journey to the mermaid treasure caves for an abundant future activation. Channeling mermaid messages from humanity. Exploring your mermaid life purpose. Connecting the oceans of the world.

3.5 hours of live recorded Mermaid class, 4 worksheets, Twin Flame mermaid meditation (30 minutes)

Plus 2 Bonus worksheets on doing a mermaid life purpose oracle card reading and making a mermaid gem essence.

If you have any questions please email me at

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