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Queen Mab and the Summer Solstice Faeries

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Queen Mab and the Summer Solstice Faeries Class

Connect with Faerie Queen Mab and the Summer Faeries! Receive messages and fairy energy to bless your summer season! The veil is thin to the faery realm is thin with the upcoming Summer Solstice.

Queen Mab comes in with a special messages for our summer season. She guides us to the faeries realm and gives us powerful healing and insight. She helps us to boost our confidence, self-love, creativity and inspiration. She reminds us that it is time to take up space and shine in our radiant and unique purpose.

Journey through the Summer Faery gateway. Connect with the Summer Solstice faeries and harness the healing energies of the Summer Solstice for karmic healing and manifestation. Bless your summer with faerie magic and co-create the best summer ever with the help of the faerie kingdom! Connect with Mother Earth the animals, flowers and plants. Work with the Faerie Queen Mab and the Summer fairies to come home to your faerie soul and reconnect with your fairy gifts and joys.

Connect with fairy magic of growing things, joy, sanctuary, synchronicity and more! Summer faery animals guides like frog, turtle, chipmunk, squirrel, Summer plants and flowers- watermelon, sunflower, lavender, lupine, morning glory,, jasmine, roses and more.

I’m excited for all or you to experience this faery healing adventure with me!

Class recordings:

*Lecture 36 minutes, Guided Journey 21 minutes (available as streaming video and downloadable audios)

*3 mini meditations: Queen Mab Self Love and Confidence mini meditation 5 minutes), Summer Solstice Fairy Celebration Guided Journey(5minutes), Summer Faerie Blessing(3 minutes) (all available as downloadable audios)

*19 Page Pdf Class Workbook with faery prayers, inspirations and journal prompts and more!

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