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Red Rose Fairy Queen

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Red Rose Fairy Queen

This fairy visited me this fall when I would notice the beauty of the deep red velvety roses blooming, As I looked deep and met the Red Rose Fairy Queen she had much to share.

Connect with the Red Rose Fairy Queen. She is a powerful guide reaching out to us now. Journey to her land- a beautiful castle and rose garden. Receive healing codes of her fairy red rose consciousness and nature bliss.

We will journey and receive messages from her.

She helps us:

Awaken to true desires and beingness.

True love

The language of our heart

Creating heaven on earth

Inviting in your dream home

Heart and soul healing- root and heart chakra harmonizing.

Self love, true purpose. Sacred relationship with roses, animals, home, fairy and nature magic.

Connect to Briar Bose and Aurora from the fairy tales of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, this fairy queen helps us to see the vision of our own story of perseverance and breathe new vision into our life journey.

1 hour class recording-Includes lectures, attunements and meditations.

You will receive a ink to download the audio version of the class. You will also receive a pdf with link to stream the private video version of the class parts on Youtube.

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