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Sacred Woodlands Ceremony

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Discover the Magic of the Sacred Woodlands!
Join us as we guide you to feel the heartbeat of the Sacred Woodlands. You will explore the enchanting world of Forest Guides and Goddesses, where trees, plants, water, and earth ground you with forest healing energies.
Discover your guides and receive messages from: Oak, Cedar, Birch, and Amanita. These guides share resilience, purification, and renewal - aligning you with nature’s seasonal cycles.
You will meet your forest guides, including mythical royalty Elf Kings and Queens, who teach you how to live in harmony with nature, and embrace magical secrets of the forest. Woodland guardians share their messages for sparking creativity, inner child healing, and grounding into the true center of ourselves - as we navigate changes in our world.
Guided ceremonies will connect you to the heart of the forest, while working with Mother Earth spirits like Gaia, Tara, and Pachamama through daily offerings.
This is an opportunity for you to explore the Sacred Woodlands on a deeper, personal level. It's about getting in tune with the earth and plants, and letting calm restorative shifts work within you.
We invite you to dance in the forest realm with us, and uncover what magical soul healing is waiting for you!

17 Fairy Tree Spirit Energies Attunement.(on part 2)

Guided by Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley- Presented by in association with Angel Fairy Healing and Heart Mountain Wellness

*Andrea will be sharing a after the live ceremony April 20th

*1 hour additional sacred woodlands bonus class recording also included- connect with inner child forest guides, Cedar woman, elf king and queen and more! Awaken inner child forest magic. Attune to the heart of the forests of the world.

*22 page pdf booklet also included with forest meditation, card spreads crafts inspiration and more.

2 class recordings part 1: 1 hour and 15minutes, Part 2 1 hour and 30

If you have any questions please contact

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