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The Fairies of Avalon

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The Fairies of Avalon

Travel to Avalon and connect with the fairy priestesses at their temple of healing. Meet your Avalon fairy guides. Travel to the Avalon Temple and meet the Avalon fairy priestesses. They have nature magic, moon healing energy and flower starlight energy.

Awaken ancient codes of healing from the Avalon Fairies priestesses. Awaken your own inner fairy medicine that contains energy healing and nature magic that uplifts the body, mind and spirit. Awaken sleeping memories and ancient wisdom from this time of enlightened consciousness.

Class is in 3 parts:

Avalon Fairies Lecture and Attunement

Avalon Fairies Plant flower and tree healers

Avalon Temple Journey

1 hour of class recordings. Spilt into 3 parts. Includes lectures, attunements and meditations. Class was recorded live October 2022.

You will receive links to download the audio versions of the class parts. You will also receive a pdf with links to stream the private video version of the class parts on Youtube.

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