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Unicorn Ancestors Class

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Unicorn Ancestors Online class!

By Andrea Dombecki
Class replay is 1 hour recording

Meet your unicorn ancestors. Feel who they are and why they are with you? Our Unicorn ancestors have special messages for us at this time in our lives. They are excited to bring healing activations and clarity regarding who were are we where we are headed.

Our Unicorn Ancestors:

Remind us of our true self, true talents and true value.

Help awaken our soul gifts and unlock oppressed power within us.

Activate the our true core essence and our hidden wisdom

*Strengthen your connection with your unicorn ancestors and their ancient realms.

Journey to the unicorn ancestral soul realms to receive powerful healing and knowledge. Unicorn realms include the pink floral garden, green garden, moonlight realm, crystal castle and more.

Receive heart and soul healing from your unicorn ancestors and strengthen the energy of the true YOU.

The unicorns bring in powerful soul healing including- soul realm colors, soul energy frequencies, soul talents and more!

The unicorns are powerful heart and soul healers for sensitive souls. They are assisting lightworkers right now and they have some to help humanity at this time. You are invited to receive a special heart and soul activation from your unicorn ancestors

1 hour hour recorded Zoom Class. Comes in Audio only downloads and streaming YouTube private video link via downloadable pdf.

If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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