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Angelic Self Help Membership

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Angelic Self Help Membership

April 6th-June 15th

Thursdays 6pm CST- 3 live recorded classes per month.

The angels keep telling me that self-mastery is linked to ascension or personal evolution. I find that the three major self mastery aspects are mastering our intuition, healing and manifesting abilities. I am excited to dive deep into these topics as a group.

This class will be focused on angelic self-help, mindset and self-mastery!

Unlocking our higher state of being including empowerment, self-love and true alignment with soul destiny!

This is for people who are seeking more peace, joy and empowerment as a human. Exploration of how to live in their highest vibration. We will also be exploring our human super powers which assist us in navigating the path of our lives with ease.

We will be working with our angel guides closely as we dive into mindset, inner wisdom and awakening our super powers. It is time to discover who you truly are and unlock your magical relationship with life!

During class we will be primarily working with our angels as healing mentors who will hold loving space for us to learn and discover our true power.

We will be connecting with our guardian angels and the angels of ascension. We will also be connecting with:

Archangel Michael- Helps us step beyond fear. Destiny, will, life purpose, and confidence.

Archangel Raphael- emotional healing and health beliefs. Work/life balance.

Archangel Gabriel- Self-expression. Intuition. Prayer life.

Archangel Metatron- Helps lightworkers be well-adjusted. Helps us to be more comfortable and empowered as humans.

Archangel Ariel- Manifesting and healing. Bringing heaven to earth

9 live recorded class Zoom sessions, additional worksheets, and meditations. Group energy healing. Online portal with all class materials. Come live or just watch recordings.

April 6th, 13th, 20th

May 4th, 11th 18th

June 1st, 8th and 15th

Class Schedule

Intuition Segment April 6th, 13th, 20rd

April 6th- Class 1. Angelic Self Mastery Class welcome. Connecting with our angel teams and setting intentions. Looking at our self-mastery map. Awakening intuition. Understanding intuition vs. mind programming. The field of knowledge all around us. Angels help to heighten our intuition. Look at blocks to intuition. Lack of confidence, overload of mental energy, filled with fear and disconnected from self. Connecting with Archangel Gabriel and activating our true birthright of higher knowing.

April 13th Class 2. Aspects of Intuition. How it works? Why it was oppressed within us? How to re-awaken our intuition. Remembering our intuitive super powers and activating them again.

April 20th Class 3. Practicing intuitive channeling. Conscious use of intuition. Downloading messages and energies. Communication beyond works. Empathic intuition.

Healing Segment May 4th, 11th, 18th

May 4th Class 4. Self-healing. Know thy self and what heals us. Activating our innate healing abilities. Creating safe space for healing. Archangel Raphael will work with us to move beyond what we think we know and into the greater knowledge of the healing in the universe.

May 11th Class 5. How we heal. Ways to heal. How to integrate with intuition. Listening, allowing, and receiving. Looking at beliefs.

May 18th Class 6. Healing maps and practices. Reading the needs of the body, mind and spirit. Angel reiki attunement.

Manifesting Segment May 4th, 11th and 18th

June 1st Class 7. Manifesting and evolution. We are empowered creators as children of the new earth. Archangel Metatron helps us to understand our place as leaders and lightworkers. We are ushering in a new higher vibration earth society together.

June 8 the Class 8. Aspects of manifestation. Alignment, joy, destiny and high vibes.

June 15th Class 9- Manifestation practice as a group. Working with the rainbow ray and the crystalline structures of time space reality. Spirit into matter, mind into form, quantum doorways. Anchoring your intentions. Final Angel Mastery Class wrap up. Integrating all of the teachings and setting intentions for the future! We will be working with Archangel Ariel to bring heaven to earth.

You are invited to the:

3 Month Angelic Self Mastery Program

Class Paid in Full $275

Contact Andrea at for more info or to ask about the class or packages.

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