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Angel Life Makeover 12 Week Self Healing Intensive

Dive deep with Andrea and the angels for 12 weeks of inner work and group energy healing! April 7st to June 23rd. 10 live Zoom classes. 15+ audios with meditations, guided energy healing, lectures and more! All live calls will be recorded and you have the chance to ask questions and interact directly with Andrea to receive guidance and healing. You can come live or just listen to recordings. You choose your level of interaction. You will receive energy healing throughout the 12 weeks no matter how much you participate. 


April 7th to June 23rd, 2022 Lives calls are Thursday Nights at 6pm CST- live calls are 1 hour recorded.

This is the outline for the 12 weeks. We will also additional topics as I am called or if requested. This will be organic and free flowing. I am holding space for all who attend. You can choose to actively participate as much as you like and all classes will be recorded.

Week 1 April 7th Calling in our Higher Self and Angel Guides. Setting intentions for personal healing. Setting up angel healing chambers and opening doors to angel temples for healing. Working with our angel team. Identifying what angels are with us and why. Connecting with the archangels, guardian angels, and specialty angels.

Week 2 April 14th Take Inventory. Shift to angelic perspective and do a life review. Identify where we need to change, grow and bring light. Laser focused angel healing. Learn angel visualizations and exercises that you can use for self healing. Look at areas where we check out, self-care boundaries, or self-sabotage. Self exploration with the guardian angels.

Week 3 April 21st Self-Healing and awareness of baggage and stuck areas. Emotional re-patterning. Using angel energy healing techniques to change energy patterns. Archangel Michael Soul Consciousness healing clearing fear, terror and negativity, and forgiveness. Access mental looping and obsessive worries.

Week 4 April 28th Integration week, rest relaxation, and self-care. No live call. You will receive a meditation and worksheet. Practice tools and also allow yourself time to for introspection.

Week 5 May 5th Passion, Inspiration and Purpose- Look at what lights up your soul. Boost your joy and release blocks to being your true self. Finding your souls unique alignment and flow. Archangel Jophiel creativity activation.

Week 6 May 12th Security and Support. Look at trust. Future and security. Waking eternal soul security. Looking at drama and fear patterns. Releasing stored trauma about stability. Emotional Healing with Archangel Raphael.

Week 7 May 19th Relationships core patterns. Creating healthy unity and trust. Activating soul family joy in relationships. Upgrading relationship drama patterns.

Week 8 May 26th Celebrating Physicality. Food, clothes, hair, personal style, body movement, grounding, earth connection. Self-care. Balance work/life balance. Understand what lights up your being. Know thyself. Time management. Architect of life creation with archangel Ariel.


Week 9 June 2nd Integration week- Play, hobbies, and fun. No live call. You will receive and mp3 meditation and worksheet.

Week 10 June 9th Deep Understanding of the Multi-dimensional self. Understanding your soul gifts and abilities. Psychic healing, past life healing and Angel Soul retrieval. Archangel Metatron lightworker empath tools.

Week 11 June 16th Family and ancestry healing. Looking at the family tree and core issues carried. Bringing angel healing to your lineage. Ancestral connection and Ancestral Angels.

Week 12 June 23rd Future Blessing, earth blessing, service and purpose. Review our 12 weeks looking at our progress and making a plan for our future. Angel Soul family.

Class and Sessions Packages Available: 

Available Options:

***12 Week Class only $350

***12 Week Class plus Sessions Package includes class plus 3 private 1 hour sessions with Andrea $599

***VIP Class Plus Sessions Package includes class plus 6 private 1 hour sessions plus 1 hour distant energy healing with                Andrea $850

*****Additional single 1 hour private sessions with Andrea are also offered to all class participants at the discounted rate of $99 hour and special 30%off coupon of all class replays in Andrea's online store catalog for the duration for the 12 week class and up until July 1st 2022

if you have any questions or are interested in a payment plan you can contact Andrea through email at andrea@angelfairyhealing.com


Andrea Dombecki is an angel channelor with over 15 years of experience. She loves to do private angel healing sessions with people and also facilitates angel classes online and in person.

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12 Week Class $350

12 Week Class plus 3 sessions $599

12 Week Class plus 6 sessions $850