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Connect with the Elven Kingdom

Elven Light Medicine  Recorded 2024!

These high dimensional spiritual guides help us to live more in harmony with earth. They awaken plant, tree, crystal, water and light magic that has been asleep.

They have been visiting me for year and wanted to connect with others and share their healing knowledge and friendship.


Part 1 Meet the Elf Guides and Enter the Elf Kingdom. Attune to Elven healing frequencies. High elves, woodland elves, wizards, healers, priestesses and more. Awaken your soul and Ancestral Elven connection. The Elves are high dimensional spiritual guides that are calling out to help us with:

Our evolution, mastery of vibration alignment, energy healing, nature connection, intuitive wisdom, starlit wisdom healing.


Part 2 Elven Energy healing and Elvin Channeling. Attune to Elven healing energy. Channel healing information from your Elf Guides. Elves are masters of evolution, nature connection, energy healing. 

Part 3- Elven Support for Lightworkers. Explore Elven Life purpose with healing, nature and the arts. Elven Messages for the new earth. DNA upgrade.

3 Part class as videos and mp3 recordings.

by Andrea Dombecki

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