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Divine Feminine Manifesting with the Angels and Goddesses

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Feminine Manifesting with the Angels and Goddesses. As the planet evolves the divine feminine is awakening and changing the way that we interact with our reality. Download new frequencies of manifestation awareness from these divine feminine spirit guides!- Archangel Ariel and Archangel Jophiel. Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Sedna, Aphrodite and more.

Attunement of divine feminine manifestation wisdom awakening on a cellular level. We are entering a new consciousness of divine feminine manifestation and it has many aspects. Allowance, trust, sweetness, bliss, stillness, beingness, ascension into higher consciousness- oneness expanding. Rise above lower vibration emotional states and activate soul bless unfolding.

Connect with your Divine feminine manifestation guides. Receive powerful upgrades in your chakras, ancestral line and DNA. It is time to remember.

Overcome burnout, fear, frustration, desperation and move into rhythm and flow...... bask in the bliss and sweetness of the universe. Remember who you are, your core essence and true soul wholeness. Activate the pink healing light frequencies.

Activate the the higher heart chakra and step into the matrix of the heavenly consciousness of the divine feminine.

Lecture, guided meditation, group healing and attunements.

1 hour class replay in 2 formats. Downloadable audio and streaming video.

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