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5 days of Fall Fairies

Updated: May 1, 2020

Day 1

Today we will be connecting with the fall fairies! I see them as dressed in Fall colors-the colors of changing leaves, rich oranges, reds and purples. The message of the fall fairies at this time is to release stress and let your inner child playfulness emerge. The fall fairies help us to get in tune with the rhythm of earth. Feel the fall fairies dancing all around you. They are reminding you to enjoy life and the magic of the fall season. They awaken gratitude and joy in your heart. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on being present in your body. Now hold out your hand and invite a fall fairy to land on it! Now call in the fall fairies. Send a hello from your heart! What do they look like? Do they have any messages for you? How do you feel when you connect with them! We are going spend the next 5 days connecting with them!Now feel them attuning you to the magical energies and blessings of Fall. They are also reminding you of happy fall memories from childhood. Connect your heart and spirit with Fall now. Enter they magical Fall fairy realm- there is a old growth forest with changing leaves, a pumpkin patch and also an apple orchard. There is a Fall fairy king and queen. I see them riding on the back of a crow. I also see a bear, mouse, and squirrel. Be open to whatever other visions that you receive. I also see mushrooms frogs and lots of moss. Listen to my podcast:​

Day 2

Today we will be connecting with the plants of Fall! That includes fall crops and spices! Apple, pumpkin, squash, corn and cinnamon. Meditate with the fairies that care for these plants! I was mediating with the Pumpkin fairies, the main message was about hope and dreams for an abundant future! Red apple was showing the awakening of inner radiance. Cinnamon awakened the sweetness of life and also inspires friendship and gathering. Corn showed sacred community and working together- I got visions of Native Americans.

See the Fairies blessing your holiday gatherings this fall with delicious foods. Ask the fairies to bless your food and to inspire you to cook new and nourishing things. Ask the fairies to help you pick foods out. The fairies may also call you to an orchard to pick your food or a farm store to get fresh produce.

Remember your favorite fall recipes such as fresh apples cider, apple pie pumpkin pie and sweet potato bean soup. What are your favorite all foods from childhood? Lets us join the fairies in blessing and thanking Mother earth for her wonderful gifts!

Day 3 Today we will focus on getting to know our Fall Fairy guides on a deeper level. Sit down and meditate or use your journal. Find a quiet area where this can have your undivided attention.

Let us now focus on communicating with our Fall Fairy Guides. Close your eyes and ask to connect with them. Notice how you feel. Do you get any visions? Do you hear messages? What do they look like? How are they working with you? Spend time getting to know your fall fairy guides. They may have messages for you about your fall season. Do you have any messages for them? Maybe ask them how you can have a magical Fall and if they have any advise for you?

I definitely saw a Fairy Queen dressed in all Fairy Colors. It looked like she was having a fairy ball and was inspiring me to have one too. Pumpkin fairies came through for me and reminded me to watch Cinderella and connect with pumpkin energy! I also see lots of little herbs fairies like rosemary thyme basil they are all growing in my yard. The fairies were also asking me to visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches I was getting memories of vising this one apple orchard in New Jersey every year. I also saw the energy of the green man. the trees here get very mossy this time of year. Large faces appear in the moss!

Day 4 Today we will be connecting with the fairy animal friends of Fall! Black cat- Dreams exploring the subconsciously they also represent loyalty. Notice the animals around you more closely this fall! Meditate with them a hear their messages. If you see a spider listen to listen to its messages!

Spider- weaver of webs. Wisdom and inner knowing. There is a spider in my yard that told is teaching me about boundaries the web represent boundaries and personal space! Also to face the things that scare you! Many are afraid of spiders!!! Bat- Navigating darkness Squirrel- Playfulness and exploration Crow- guardian, reminds you of your inner magic and personal power.

Day 5 Today the Fall fairies will be working with us to plan and love our Fall season on a deeper level! They will be bless all your activities and help you open your heart to creating your own happiness and enjoying the everyday simple pleasures this fall!

Now take time to listen to your fall fairy guides: Do they have any ideas about how you can enjoy your fall season on a deeper level? They might call you to visit certain places, hold gatherings or bake certain things, watch specific movies, do crafts, or decorate! Relax and receive the happy guidance! They have been calling me to certain park where wild mushrooms grow. They have also been telling me to watch the live action Cinderella. They have inspiring me how to decorate for my Thanksgiving Dinner. They have a lot to share! Their advice is always uplifting. I am gonna get started on my Fall Fairy to do list ASAP.

PS. The fairies reminded me to tell you about the fall flower fairies- Sunflower, dahlia and mums.

Thank you for joining me for the Fall Fairies group mini class! May all of your Fall Seasons be Fairy blessed.🌻🍁

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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