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Spring Fairies

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Spring Fairies day 1!

Today we will be awakening to the Spring Fairy Realm. It is always spring in the spring fairy realm. It is a parallel dimension but we can feel the energy of it and awaken it in our world. There is a Spring Fairy King and Queen. As we connect with the Spring Fairy realm we open our hearts to the magical energies of Spring

Open your heart and mind to the spring fairies now. Send a wave of love from your heart to them. Awaken a deep appreciation of the gifts of spring and the fairies, plants and animals of the spring.

Connect with each one: Daffodil Camelia Lilacs Tulip Magnolia Crocus Fairies of seeds and growing things Garden fairies

The Spring Fairy King and Queen Plants- Lilacs, Tulips Hyacinth Animals- Robin, bunny, squirrel, blue jay, hummingbird, fox, chipmunk

Spring just started here and I could feel the fairy kingdom singing when I was out in the sun!

Listen to the Spring Fairy Podcast

Spring Fairies day 2!

Awakening to the energy of spring and the Spring Fairies! Feel your heart opening to communicate with the Spring Fairies and the guidance that they share. Feel the sun shining on you. Feel the plants growing. Feel the new energies awakening in your being! New hopes and visions. Outdoor activities. Enjoying the sun and fresh air! Gardening. Cleansing, detoxifying and reorganizing your life! Release what you no longer need. Clearing your space. Getting in shape. Refining your diet.

Take a deep breathe and connect with the energies of spring and what they mean for you! New jobs, starting school, new friends or new love. Major rebirth energies

Spring Fairies day 3!

Flowers, plants and trees! The spring fairies would like to invite you into their magical world! Take a deep breath now and connect with the flowers of spring, then the plants and the trees. Feel them all singing and watch them dance. All plants, flower and trees sing and even dance at a subtle level. We can hear and see this if we intend to. I notice trees dancing mostly and flowers are the loud singers. They all love to talk if we take time to listen.

We can also practice tuning the fairies of the flower and plants. There are also fairies that live in the trees. Practice with the pictures below.

Spring Fairies day 4!

The animals of spring! Connect with the loving energy of the animals of spring.

Connect now with your spirit animals of spring. The joy of the baby animals, the unconditional love and positive energy of the spring animal kingdom. The lessons of the animals. What do they teach? Enjoying the simple things. Patience, oneness, and sweetness. Joy of being in nature and present in the moment? Meditate now and see what spring animals are reaching out to you. I get visions of ladybugs and a wolf cub. A bumblebee visited me in the park yesterday. The frogs were singing to me in another park the day before.

Spring Fairies day 5!

Today is about enjoying the activities of spring! Walking outside enjoying nature. Starting your garden Eating more fresh fruits and veggies Getting more fresh air and sunshine. You may feel the desire to be more active- to jog walk exercise do yoga. You maybe be wrapping up things and starting projects. You may have new ideas or goals for your future. Meditate with the fairies and see what activities they would like you to participate in! Right away my fairy guides told me to plant trees, fix up my garden, and clean garbage in nature. They also want me to take nature walks, jog and go to new parks. They also asked me to study plants trees and flowers more. Go to plant nurseries and learn more about he names and types of plants! They are also calling me to the botanical gardens in my area. I heard that I should grow blueberries.

Check out my Spring Fairies Class here:

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